June 14, 2024

New Real Estate Trends in Los Feliz to Watch Out!

Located in Los Feliz, a neighborhood between the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Park to the north, Interstate 5 to the east, Hollywood to the west, and Koreatown to the south, is a diverse and beloved community. It’s home to a mix of people, including celebrities, recent college graduates, and older residents who have seen a lot of changes in Los Angeles. One of the oldest parts of LA is Los Feliz. The area’s long history and special location helped it become a neighborhood of coveted homes for sale in Los Feliz, some of the most outstanding in Central Los Angeles.

A Real Neighborhood Vibe

There are several reasons Los Feliz is such a desired neighborhood in LA, but the biggest headline is that it feels like a neighborhood one can safely and easily walk or bike around. There are two main commercial districts within Los Feliz Village, a four-block strip between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue and Los Feliz Square, located along Hillhurst between Hollywood and Los Feliz Boulevard.

There are many places to visit in Los Feliz and activities to engage in, even if you are not inclined to visit the city’s finest park. Despite being overhyped, the Eastside neighborhood always feels balanced, thanks to its cool, laid back vibe that combines natural beauty, unique shops, and cozy eateries.

These are all populated by great shops for all economic levels, great restaurants from fine dining world food to all-night eateries, taco stands, and classic LA watering holes like The Dresden and Ye Olde Rustic Inn. In other words, Los Feliz is one of the few neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles where one has everything they need within the neighborhood itself, allowing locals to walk, bike, or Uber without costing themselves much money. In LA, not relying on your car and dealing with traffic and parking whenever you want to go somewhere is a real luxury.

Los Feliz real estate forecasted expectations.

Homes in Los Feliz will stay expensive because nearby areas like Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, and Echo Park have become even more desirable and valuable in recent years. However, because there are few homes for sale in the area and people want to live in the nearby trendy neighborhoods, the prices of homes are expected to stagnate as the market slows down.

Los Feliz housing market

In December 2023, the average home purchase cost in Los Feliz was $2. 7 million, a 12.5% increase. Eight percent lower than the year before. A home’s average cost per square foot was $1,000. The average selling price of the houses was $1. 8 million. As of December 2023, the number of properties up for sale is comparable to that of buyers, meaning that the real estate market in Los Feliz is steady.

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