June 14, 2024

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Building Inspector

Are you planning to buy a new home? Before anything else, you will need to get the property thoroughly pre-checked by a reputable building inspector. Since buying a home is a crucial financial decision, there cannot be any mistakes. The property you are finalizing must be perfect, and this will reduce your chances of facing any unforeseen expenses in the future. But once you call in an expert, what are the questions you must be asking? Here’s the list of all those questions:

Are they qualified enough to be home inspectors?

This might be a very obvious question to ask in the beginning but most homeowners tend to ignore this. You will find many inspectors in the market who are inspecting properties but do not hold any licence or certification for the same. Research and take time to know about them, get their backgrounds checked and understand if they are a right fit for you. 

Are they experts in the services you are seeking?

They might be very experienced and knowledgeable in what they do but they might not specifically align with your specific needs and demands. This is because all inspections aren’t same and won’t need similar skill sets. If you have any particular requirements regarding the inspection, it is best to communicate and discuss with them. This will assure you that you are not wasting your money and getting only those services that you need. 

Do they provide follow-up services?

There are many inspection services that offer a follow-up service without costing you anything extra. But there are also services which will cost you money for the follow-ups. Make sure you inquire about this beforehand. These follow-up services will help you know about the findings and reports and your inspection might feel incomplete without it. 

Are they insured?

When you are hiring the home inspector, you must know if they are insured. A professional service will always have this benefit and won’t cause any added liability to you. They will take charges for any damages they cause on themselves and won’t impose anything on you. Check all the related and relevant documents beforehand and hire them after thorough check only. 

By now, this blog must have clarified your hiring process questions and it won’t be a problem hiring an inspector now. You can trust Inspecteur batiment MCM to meet all your inspection needs thouroughly.