July 25, 2024

Refrigerator Repair – Fixing Is Easy


There is no doubt that a refrigerator has made our life easier. It has become one of the ‘must-have’ electrical appliances for commercial as well as household uses. It keeps the food healthy, fresh and all day, all night. So it’s quite common to get some trouble with it from time to time. 

A good quality refrigerator can last up to 25 years if maintained. So it’s better to have some knowledge about common fridge problems and refrigerator repair services as it’s worth repairing always. Not only because repairing is less expensive but also convenient. 

Some common refrigerator problems:

Here are some common refrigerator problems, anyone can face, any day. The most common problem is a noisy or loud fridge. Almost every household and commercial place has faced this problem once. After that, it comes to water leakage, then the problem with not getting cold and getting too cold, the problem with starting the fridge and ice maker, door sweating, light and, water dispensing.

Easy solutions to common problems:

Repairing a refrigerator is not a war to win. All parts are either replaceable or repairable and also easily available in any commercial appliance repair shop. 

  1. Loud fridge

Fridge noise could come from a damaged compressor or a condenser fan motor or an evaporator fan motor. It could also come from an ice-making process if the water is turned off. Or if the fridge is tilted, which needs levelling with a soundproof mat. 

  1. Water leakage

There could be many reasons for water leaking – if the rubber-like door gasket is not sealed properly or the water inlet valve is damaged, or the drainage pipe is clogged. Even an ice maker could be the reason. Once the problem is detected, refrigerator repair could be done with simple tools.

  1. Too warm

It is not good if a refrigerator can’t keep food good. If the temperature control dial is not adjusted, then here are some other reasons. It might be a problem with the air damper, a condenser coil or fan is not clear enough to pass the cold air, or the refrigerator door might not be sealed properly. Replacement of the diffuser also might help. 

  1. Too cold 

If the entire refrigerator is getting too cold then it might be the time to either change the temperature sensor or thermistor or the control board. Or it could be an air damper which is letting in too much cold air due to damage.

  1. Not starting

Electrical circuit board failure could be the first reason for a refrigerator to not getting started. Or there could be the relay capacitor, electronic control board or temperature control board. Commercial appliance repair service centers are the best solution provider to this problem.

  1. Ice making is not working

If the water supply is fine then there could be a problem with the tube, filter or inlet valve.

  1. Door sweating

If a door gasket valve is broken or not placed correctly then the refrigerator door starts getting sweated. 

  1. Light is not working

This problem is either with the light bulb or the socket.

Other than professional technicians, the owner can also troubleshoot most of these refrigerator problems. It only needs proper diagnosis. And lastly, it is always better to maintain from the beginning to give the refrigerator a good life span.