May 30, 2024


  1. Single panel garage doors 

As the name suggests, this is made from a monolithic panel. They can be operated by pulling the door that is attached to the ceiling with a hinge on both sides. Since it’s a bit old fashioned, it comes with own disadvantages. 

There is also one piece tilt up doors where the door tilts back and forth to open and close via spring mechanism. There are both horizontal and vertical tracks, while some have counterbalance weights as opposed to springs.

  1. Sectional garage door usually have about three to eight door panels. These are operated by sliding up the door overhead. They take up the same amount of space as the monolithic panels. There are a few advantages to this one:
  • In single panel garage doors, the hinge on either side protrudes outside the door, causing minor inconveniences like the car being parked at a distance before being opened in order to not cause damage to the vehicle. You don’t have to face that problem here.
  • Each door has its own connection to the track, thereby enhancing stability and robustness. 

Garage doors are made out of a variety of materials like steel, glass, vinyl, aluminium, wood etc. 

  1. Swing up doors 

This is one of the most voted choices by people as its clean cut and simple. There is no need to stuff up anything on your ceiling. The doors easily swing due to the multiples hinges that are attached to the sides. It is important to measure and note the precise calculation so you don’t botch up your project.

  1. Roll up doors 

The door is made up of a number of slats that are rolled up above in the form of cylindrical barrel while closed. It’s fast, automatic and efficient. 

  1. Side hinged doors 

This is one of the most simplest and realistic designs. It opens up just like an old fashioned house door. One half of the door is opened up from outside while the other is unlocked from inside.

  1. Side sliding doors 

 These Premium garage doors are made out of lightweight wood or aluminium and these doors are made of multiples panels all joined in one. They slide all the way to the side of the garage and is operated through a remote control.  Although the oldest, they appear to look very futuristic.  If you are facing a locking problem with door then you must consider locksmith singapore