April 14, 2024

The Doors Exactly The Way You Need Now

As a material for the production of interior sliding doors using tempered colored glass, aluminum, wood. Depending on the design of the product are classified into types: pencil case, compartment, accordion. Using non-standard solutions allows you to give the room a sophisticated and unique look. The undoubted advantages of sliding doors include the exclusive look, efficiency, versatility, safety and easy installation. Due to the large assortment of models, choosing an option that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer is not difficult. In case of the house doors this happens to be essential now. This is one option that you can have. The right choices can make the best doors available.

Folding doors – convenience and functionality

Elegant and modern folding interior doors work on the principle of blinds. Outwardly, such doors resemble a screen; in everyday life they are also called a book or accordion. For their production, high-quality and durable materials are used that ensure reliable operation for a long time.

The design of the folding door consists of slats, the width and quantity of which depends on the overall parameters of the opening. On the rails and rollers included in the hidden mechanism, there is a process of smooth folding and opening. Sashes can be symmetrical and asymmetric depending on the design of the model. The first type is used when creating an accordion variant, where many lamellas are provided. The second type is suitable when creating a model book. 

  • In the manufacture of folding doors using quality materials: aluminum, thick glass, wood.

You can install models anywhere, but they are especially popular when arranging a bedroom or kitchen. The exclusive design is perfect for a minimalist or hi-tech room. Due to its functionality, this option has been successfully used as an alternative replacement for traditional designs.

Hidden Doors – Unique Invisibles

Hidden interior doors are an excellent choice for small apartments or offices. Thanks to the special box system, which is mounted close to the wall, they become almost invisible to the eye. This option is used to equip a kitchen, office or narrow corridor. High functionality and unique performance indicators of the model allows you to replace it with classic options. The protruding parts of the structure, decorated with patterns or glazing elements, can be turned into an original panel if desired.

The construction installation is somewhat facilitated by the absence of platbands and thresholds. However, it should be understood that the installation of hidden doors is not possible everywhere. The presence of reliable closers in the mobile mechanism makes the opening process silent and safe. The installation of high-quality fittings, including locks and locking devices, increases the operating life for a long time.