July 25, 2024

The Latex Mattresses with the Finer Choices for You

It is a term which includes both the elastic material produced from rubber (we will speak of “natural latex”), as well as synthetic materials produced by polymerization of petroleum products (we will speak of “latex”).  

In nature, this material acts as protection against pests. Our latex mattresses retain this property, which gives anti-mite mattresses, without additives or necessary treatments.

What Is A Latex Mattress?

The name 100% latex is used when the heart or soul of a mattress is made up of at least 10 cm of this material. If the core of the mattress contains at least 85% of the material of natural origin, the latter therefore bears the indication “natural” or “100% latex of natural origin”. In case of the latex hybrid mattresses this is important.

When the mention latex is not accompanied by 100%, it is likely that the mattress contains only a small thickness of latex. These are inexpensive mattresses, offering the reception of latex.

Why Choose A Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress offers great elasticity and great tone.

Very breathable and insensitive to temperature , the mattress is never damp or hot. Our latex mattresses have ventilation channels in the material, to facilitate air circulation, allowing to keep hygienic bedding.

Their summer side and winter side will allow you to refresh or warm your bed depending on the season.

Latex mattresses have comfort zones , ranging from 3 to 7. They allow the mattress to be adapted to the area of ​​your body supported. Firmer in the lumbar area, or softened in the shoulder area, for example.

The quality of support will remain constant, unlike thermo-reactive materials such as shape memory. For better longevity and firmer support, we recommend that you choose a mattress with a high density of latex: Cheap Mattresses UK

 from 65 Kg / m³ to 75 kg / m³: flexible support

 from 75 to 80 kg / m³: firm support

 from 80 kg / m³ to 83 kg / m³: very firm support

Comfort Adapted To Your Body

To obtain latex mattresses that adapt to your body and offer you greater comfort, Maliterie uses a cellular material.

The cells have an advantage in terms of comfort: they give very good ventilation to your bedding.

Furthermore, the size and distribution of the cells allows the creation of differentiated comfort zones (or support): from 3 to 7 comfort zones.

Latex mattresses with 5 comfort zones are a balanced choice because they offer differentiated support between the head, shoulders, back, thighs and feet. They allow you to sink slightly more at the shoulders and have good support at the back.