April 22, 2024

Thousand Oaks: Where Natural Beauty Meets Vibrant Charm and Family-Friendly Living

Thousand Oaks, one of Southern California’s most desirable residential areas, attracts residents and visitors with its exceptional quality of life. Its vibrant cultural scene improves residents’ lives beyond its natural beauty. Its real estate market is strong as housing demand rises. Home buying is easy with the help of Thousand Oaks CA real estate experts Madge & Hamilton Group, who are dedicated to guiding homebuyers through the intricacies of this real estate market.

Thousand Oaks real estate

Best neighborhoods to buy a home in Thousand Oaks real estate:

Long ranch

Lang Ranch, in the northern area of Thousand Oaks, has many tracts, from entry-level homes to gated properties with larger homes and lots. This neighborhood attracts families who desire newer homes with terrific curb appeal, wonderful schools, and a strong community.


Wildwood is named after Wildwood Regional Park, which borders Paradise Falls, a famous hiking trail. The gorgeous greenbelts, various hiking paths, and well-ranked Wildwood school draw families to this community. Although this neighborhood is more affordable than neighboring Thousand Oaks areas, it is more isolated.

First Neighborhood

Despite its uncreative name, this Westlake area is popular with young families. Though the homes are late 60s and 70s tract style, folks flock here. If you want to interact with your neighbors, live here. The community has gorgeous green belts, a nice park, and a top-rated school that most kids walk to.

Westlake Hills

This neighborhood contains a large park and a top primary school in the middle. The layout makes it ideal for walking and interacting with neighbors. By Westlake standards, this neighborhood is cheaper and near the Westlake Promenade, which has some of Westlake Village’s most outstanding restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

Three Springs

Three Springs offers more spacious homes on larger lots than other Westlake communities. This neighborhood has a nice park and a solid community. Here, families are the majority of homeowners, and it’s wealthier than the other areas.

Living in Thousand Oaks

A Safe Place for All

Thousand Oaks, the second-largest city in Ventura County, has 129,000 residents. Even though the population has grown, the crime rate has remained low. Being America’s third-safest city, locals feel safe leaving their homes.

Never Get Bored

Thousand Oaks residents have enough to do in their backyard, even if downtown Los Angeles is less than an hour away. The Gardens of the World have gardens that reflect Greece, France, Japan, Italy, and more. If you get hungry while out, there are some famous restaurants around.

Staying Green

The city is proud of its ongoing efforts to maintain almost ⅓ of the region as open space. With approximately 50,000 oak trees, the city is one of the state’s greenest. Thousand Oaks’ website details its sustainability efforts and offers tips for residents to go green.

Live Like Stars

Though not Beverley Hills, many celebrities live in this charming city. It is one of the ten wealthiest cities in the country. With gorgeous residences costing over half a million dollars on average, it’s no wonder stars have settled here.

Employment opportunities

Local enterprises offer many high-paying employment. While US unemployment has dropped to 4% in recent years, Thousand Oaks’ unemployment rate has dropped even faster to 2.8%.