April 20, 2024

Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

If you’re going for plumbing projects as a beginner, it can be challenging. Alpha Tradesman Academy wants you to know certain tricks and tips to help you kickstart your plumbing activity.

  1. Know the right tools – Having the right tools by your side will make your job much easier. Before you start with a plumbing project make sure you have everything you require to fix your plumbing.
  2. Always use Thread Tapes – Sealing your pipes may help you prevent any leakages in the future. Using a thick thread tape to seal your pipe prevents leakages and helps secure your pipe. These tapes are also very easy to use as compared to pipe glues.
  3. Fix a leaking showerhead yourself – Your showerhead is probably leaking due to the loose threads in your shower. Unscrew your shower head and apply the thread tape and then reattach it. This should have fixed leaks in your showerhead.
  4. Don’t over tighter your pipe fittings – Over-tightening your pipes can lead to stripped screws and broken bolts. This may lead to leaks from your pipe. Make sure to keep your pipe fittings the right amount of tight which can be loosened using a wrench.
  5. Use heat to loosen water pipe fittings that are tight – Water pipe fittings are sometimes too tight and no matter how much strength you apply, they don’t budge. In this scenario use a small propane torch but it will take up some time to loosen up. Only use this method for metal pipes. Do not try on plastic or rubber pipes.
  6. Maintenance of septic tank – If the sediments inside the septic tank build up and are not cleaned they may lead to toilet backup in your house. You may also experience a foul smell near your tank and wet patches around your tank. If these are the signs you probably need to give a call to your local plumber and get it cleaned otherwise it will be a very unpleasant situation if not treated on time.
  7. Know the difference between PVC and CPVC. If you’re going to buy a pipe and you have no basic idea about it then you might end up getting the one that does not suit your purpose. CPVC pipes are preferable for hot water. Master Plumbers use PVC pipes for cold water or regular lines whereas CPVC for dishwasher, washing machine, etc.
  8. There are different kinds of glues for different kinds of pipings. Make sure to buy the glue which suits your pipe.
  9. Always apply a primer before using the glue. It is an indication that the job has been done. Make sure that the primer also correlates with the glue you are using

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