June 14, 2024

Warm Air Is Blowing from Your Aircon Unit – What Can Be the Problem

Singapore is a place that is known for its humid environment. Hence, you can expect hot air from the air conditioner now and then. However, some other factors will also result in hot air from your air conditioner, and it is best to get it checked as early as possible.

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Why Your Aircon is Blowing Hot Air?

Here are some of the major reasons for your aircon blowing hot air.

·       Irregular and Improper Maintenance

Singapore is known for its humid environment, and you cannot sit peacefully in your home if your aircon is not working properly. This can be because of negligence when it comes to the maintenance of your aircon. Hence, regular maintenance of aircon is suggested.

·       Clogged Air Filter

The dirt and the dust particles surrounding the environment inside the house normally end up getting stuck inside the aircon filters. This can make the air hotter rather than cooler like it should be, in an aircon.

·       Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils usually get filled with debris over a period, when regular maintenance is not done. This results in making the air blowing from the aircon become hotter over time.

·       Wrong Thermostat Setting

Sometimes, the wrong settings of the thermostat can cause your aircon to blow warm air. Instead of just considering that your aircon is broken, you can check the thermostat setting and decide accordingly.

·       Low on Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the same thing that is present in the refrigerator as well. The main work of this refrigerant is to remove the heat from the air and to add coolness to it. If there is not enough supply of refrigerant in the aircon, then your unit might start to blow hot air into the atmosphere.

·       Defective Compressor

The compressor unit is the unit that will circulate the refrigerant from the inside unit to the outside unit. If there is something wrong with this compressor, then your aircon will not blow cool air like it has to.

·       Defective Running of the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit can stop working if there is some damage to the circuit, or even if the circuit is in very bad working condition. When you find anything broken in the circuit, it is time to call for professional help.

·       Refrigerant Leakage

Leakage in the refrigerant can be caused because of some damages in the unit containing the refrigerant in it. Hence, the air that will blow out of the aircon will be hotter than cooler.

No matter what the defect in your aircon unit is, you can rely on the expertise of Airconservicing.org. They can handle any kind of defect in the aircon unit and will come up with the best strategies. You can follow them on Pinterest to stay updated about their current options in their services.