April 21, 2024

What Are The Things To Expect During Home Inspection


A home inspection is done to see any current or arising issues related to your house. To start, a home inspector will cautiously check the interior and exterior home inspection to note any hazardous, defective or broken issues your house is facing. Therefore, it would serve as a basis to know the necessary steps that the homeowners should take to ensure that it is sturdy and free from any damages. 

The inspection usually takes multiple hours, or more, depending on the size of your property; then, a report comes about three to four days to complete. Thus, the home inspection was threaded carefully to ensure every individual’s safety and avoid unfortunate future incidents. 

Below is more information that you need to be aware of during the Home Inspection:

Collecting Receipts.  Prepare the necessary documents that you will show to the inspectors. For example, water heater serviced, furnace serviced, installation, serviced and many more — to guarantee faster transaction to your home inspector. 

Organize your space. It is necessary to clear out all of the clutter in your home, like the garage, attic and basement, to be easily accessed by your home inspectors.

Check your light bulbs.Make sure to double-check if all your light bulbs are working. 

Mind your Pets.Put your pets in another spare room (if you have one), so the home inspector can pass inside your house. 

Run your water. Check the water in your sink or bath for possible clogs. Clearing these minor clogs before inspection will save you a lot of time processing the things that need an immediate fix.  

Turn on the utilities. When your home has been vacant for a while, please make sure to turn on the utilities to provide a proper inspection. 

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