July 25, 2024

What Makes Iowa Such a Wonderful Place to Live?

The United States contains 50 states, and while several are more renowned than others, each has unique qualities that should be highlighted. Even if it isn’t frequently the first thing that springs to mind, Iowa is a lovely state with much to do. That is why more than three million people currently live happily there.

Even if it is not as vast as California or as busy as New York, Iowa may be the right place for you and your family to migrate if you choose to do so. A change of scenery is occasionally necessary, and this article will get straight to the details that set Iowa apart.

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A Rural Community

Farming is one of the most prominent job industries in Iowa. This state is one of the most agricultural in the country, having a lot of flat land. As a result, you can be certain that the vegetation in the area is beautiful. Because there are few big cities, you will not experience the smog that you might in other states, making the night sky a wonder to behold.

Furthermore, because of Iowa farming, you can be certain that you are getting cleaner meat and plants. Farmers’ markets may be located anywhere, so you won’t be concerned about whether or not the stuff you buy has been treated with dangerous chemicals or where it comes from. Because Iowa produces more pigs than any other state, you can also count on your local butcher to give excellent service!


If you are presently raising a family or want to have one in the future, you will surely want to live in a safe neighborhood free of crime. That’s what makes Iowa so special! In terms of crime, the state routinely falls below the average for the nation, often by as much as 20%. To add to their peace of mind, the vast majority of crimes are non-violent.

This might be partly attributed to the region’s demand for more urbanization. Because of the immensity of the land, your residence will almost certainly be on larger grounds, making you less exposed to people trespassing on your property. Many houses do not have surveillance systems or monitors installed, instead relying on a dog or two to alert them to interruptions.

Employment Possibilities

The labor market is one of the major drawbacks of more populated states. Because there are so many people searching for equal opportunities, finding a job may become more difficult, and you may have to hunt for months before something comes up on a regular basis.

Iowa is distinct in that it is a pioneer in a number of disciplines. Even if farming isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other fantastic options. The state is also essential for persons who have held positions in science or engineering. Because Iowa is moving toward renewable energy, there are a lot of wind turbines to work on.

Other significant employment opportunities in the state include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate (just like Milford Real Estate!)

With so many job prospects, you would expect Iowa’s education system to be good as well. Throughout the state, there are numerous good K-12 schools and colleges. At 99%, Iowa has the country’s highest literacy rate. Students at this school have higher-than-average SAT scores. As a result, their teachers must rank among the best in the country.

A Healthy Economy

Expect big things from the Iowa economy, as one would anticipate from a state with tremendous education and job possibilities. When all aspects are evaluated, it ranks sixth overall in America, according to US News. Residents earn $39,000 per year on average, compared to $31,000 nationally.

Because agriculture produces so many goods, Iowa is able to trade extensively with the rest of the United States. Soybeans and maize are only two of their most important exports. Cereal milling is essential in this region, and Quaker Oats has a plant in Cedar Rapids!

Living on a Budget

The low cost of living is one of the significant benefits of migrating to Iowa. Because the state is dedicated to providing affordable housing, even cities such as Des Moines offer apartments for rent at prices that even first-time renters can afford. The median home sale price in this area exceeds $200,000. More than $330,000 is the national average. So why would you think about moving to a more well-known state? The ideal Iowa real estate agent can help you realize all of your dreams and find a property at a lower price!

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Why should it be called into question any longer? Iowa is a diverse state with a plethora of wonderful arts and activities to enjoy. Because it has gone through so much, you can be sure that there will be lots of museums for you to explore, and the agriculture here makes it an excellent destination for anyone who prefers being outside for hiking or bicycling.

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