April 22, 2024

What the Best Tools Are to Use When Cleaning Zebra Blinds

Horizontal blinds have become so en-vogue that it’s difficult to find a home today that doesn’t have them. There are many different types of blinds and, when it comes to Zebra Blinds, the common question that people ask is how to care for them?

Although it is true that one has to take some care when cleaning Zebra blinds, they are actually pretty easy to clean and there are a few different ways of doing that. There are also a few tools one can use to actually clean them. The first thing a person needs to know when they start is that, as always, be careful with those blinds! They are more resilient to damage than their cousin the Venetian blind, but they can still break if mishandled.

Here are a few different tools people can use to clean horizontal blinds:

Use a Dust-buster. This is something to resort to more as a quick fix rather than as a regular approach. If cleaning the blinds was something that was left until the last minute before company arrives, then this can be done quickly to get rid of some of the accumulation of dust.

Be careful, though, when doing this. A dust-buster can clean Zebra blinds, but it can also break them! If the dust-buster comes with an attachment for the job, be thankful!

Try a Vacuum with an Attachment. A good vacuum now has several different attachments that come with it and, believe it or not, one of them can be used on horizontal blinds, like Zebra blinds. Keep in mind that the jury is out on whether or not people think this approach to be effective in removing dust.

Rely on a Bucket of Water and a Cloth. It the old-fashioned approach, and it works just fine when a person is living on a budget. A bucket of diluted soap and water can be used, but the gentlest way of doing this is to simply use a tablespoon or two of vinegar in a warm bucket of water.

This takes more time and requires more care, but it also will leave those blinds positively gleaming! One thing that one should not use is bleach with any type of blinds that might fade with its use.

Use a Trusty Feather Duster. There are different name brand variations on this, but they’re all essentially different versions of the simple, old feather duster which has been around forever! This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean blinds and has been used for decades to great results.

Seriously, using these kinds of dusters means nothing more than a quick, gentle swipe of the blinds and then the job is done.

In addition to these using these tools, also take the time to refer to the exact usage of each tool in properly using it to clean a Zebra blind as not everything might be as obvious as one might think.