July 21, 2024

When is the Ideal Time to Replace the Window Treatments?

When it comes to replacing the window treatment and window cleaning services los angeles ca, it depends on a lot of factors. If it has been quite a while you have had them, then you need to call in a professional to have a look and get Window Shade Showroom Demonstration lynnwood wa. If you want to go DIY, here are some telltale signs to confirm if you need to replace the window treatments by Store Urbain or not.

  1. The slats are warped or bent

Everyone loves a modern look and feel of wooden blinds, but such window treatments warp over time. This signifies that the damage has been caused from the sun. If only a few slats are affected, then the professional may repair them, but if majority of them are affected, then you may want to get them replaced.

  1. The slats or blinds are discolored or yellowed

The sun tends to discolor your blinds. If you have wooden blinds or vertical blinds for quite a while, then you may need to upgrade the window treatments. Nowadays the blinds protect you from the harmful UV rays. If the blinds are yellowed or are discoloring, then by the time they would also lose their structural build.

  1. The slats don’t close away nicely

If you are consistently twisting or tilting your blind wand, and your slants don’t move, then you may need to get it checked.

  1. It is hard to raise your blinds

If opening the blinds take a lot of effort, then you may need to get it replaced. The lifting features of your blinds can be ruined which negatively affects the working of your window treatments.

  1. Your blinds are not child proof

If you have young kids in your home, then you may need to childproof your window treatment for the sake of your family’s safety. There are many cases found where kids are found entangled in the window treatment cords which may cause major injuries and worst case, death. You need to hire a professional who deals with child safe window treatments.

  1. It leaves frayed edges on your fabrics

If the window treatments have frayed edges, then your shades are sized way too wide for your window opening along the side of the frame. Hence, replace the frayed shades so as to prevent it from getting damaged further by a tight fit. For more insight, visit the website.