June 14, 2024

When should someone look to get their roof repaired?

A roof is something that everyone depends on to keep them dry and warm. The idea of it getting damaged is something that scares everyone, even if they don’t want to admit it. So, when should someone look into getting their roof repaired? There are a few things to look for as warning signs that a roof needs repair.

Most people look for indicators of something on the outside of the house, but common indications that something is wrong can also be seen on the inside of a person’s home. The most obvious sign is if there’s water leaking into the house. Whether it’s slow drops or enough leakage to require a bucket, water coming from the ceiling is always a bad sign. Ignoring water coming into the house doesn’t mean that it’s going to go away. All it will lead to is bigger bills down the road, so it’s best to call someone in as soon as possible.

There are also subtler signs of roof damage that may not be noticed right away. A ceiling may look fine one day, but soon members of the family will notice a discoloration on an otherwise white ceiling. This is also an indication of water damage in the ceiling, but it’s either not leaking through or hasn’t been noticed during rainy times yet. This isn’t as bad as water dripping from the ceiling, but have no doubt, that it where it’s headed!

Eventually, dark marks can also be noticed from rainwater leaking into the ceiling. If a ceiling gets sufficiently damp and stays wet for extended periods of time, mold can develop in it. If this occurs, more than a roofer might be needed. One should be brought in right away, but they will need to be warned of the possibility of black mold in the house. This is something that needs to be tested immediately to ensure that there’s no danger to anyone living in the home.

There are also the more obvious signs of possible damage from outside. Missing shingles is a cause for concern, but a roofing company can send people in to make sure that there wasn’t any water damage to the roof and they can also make an easy fix of replacing the shingles, although an experienced friend might also be able to do this, as well.

What is of great concern is any growth of moss or accumulation of needles on the roof. Moss indicates that the shingles are being eaten away, which means that leaks are inevitable. The shingles may need to be replaced and the roof should be looked at to ensure that leaks aren’t already starting. Don’t panic though: it may just need a professional cleaning from a roofing company. Needles, pine or otherwise, are among the most dangerous things to allow to build up on a roof. They will eat away at a roof, destroy the shingles, and eventually the wood beneath it.

If one keeps a watch for these signs of damage to a roof, they’ll be able to ensure that it stays in great condition for years to come!