June 14, 2024

Where To Position Your Coffee Table In Style


Have you been trying to decorate your living room, and you don’t know exactly where to position the coffee table? Well, arranging the furniture in your room is no easy task. Depending on the look you want to achieve in your room, you will position the coffee table in different ways.  

Proper positioning of the furniture in your room is important because it helps accommodate the flow of traffic without affecting the functionality of the furniture. If you have some new velvet coffee tables, you will need this guide to help you decide on how to arrange them in your room.

1 – Center the table between seating arrangement 

You should position your coffee table just between the seating arrangements in your living room. You can put the coffee table between the chairs or center them within 14-18 inches of a sectional or a sofa.

Also, when you position the coffee table near a sofa or a reclining chair, you will need some extra space, or you’ll have to reposition the table every time you recline the furniture.

2 – Position at the center point of the room

Another place you can position your coffee table is right at the center point of the room. This is the middle of the entire room. This is normally an ideal position to locate your coffee table if you want to achieve that classical look.

However, you may have more than one visual center point for an L-shaped room. In this case, you should position the coffee table in an area closer to the armchair and sofa arrangement. When you have your multi-level coffee tables located at the right place in your room, you are simply giving your room a welcoming feel.

3 – Position at the natural focal point 

If you have a coffee table that you want it to be a centerpiece in your living room, you should think of placing it right at the focal point. Most modern living rooms have a natural focal point like a picture window or a fireplace. When you position the coffee table in this location, it will play less of a starring role and support the act.

You will need a focal point coffee table for this ideal position in your room. Some of the best options you can go for in the market include an oval coffee table, velvet storage coffee table, or some coffee table design that features a bold color pattern. A coffee table with storage is a good choice because you can use it to display some of your treasured possessions.

4 – Keep it within your reach 

You should position your coffee table within your reach without having it on the way. A circular 

and a larger coffee table is not that easy to center. Also, some seating arrangements make it difficult for you to choose an ideal position for your coffee table.

If you’re shopping for a mirrored coffee table, you want to ensure it is the right size. It is generally recommended that the coffee table be a bit lower than your couch or sofa. Ensure the coffee table is not more than four inches shorter or taller than the couch.

A shorter coffee table will look out of place in your living room. Always ensure the coffee table you buy is within the right size, color, and design that suits your room.

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of factors you should look into when shopping for an ideal coffee table for your room. These factors include size, style, design, color, and purpose. This makes it easy to choose the right place to position the coffee table in your room.