June 14, 2024

Why And How You Would Look for the Right Deck?

The choice of material for the terrace is made according to the type of land on which it will be built, but also, and above all, your preferences. The coating of the terrace can be made of wood, concrete, tile or stone. Now deck builders Decksforlife is the right choice for your reference.

Wood brings a touch of authenticity and warmth, but it requires regular maintenance. Its lifespan is shorter compared to concrete and stone. If you are looking for a material that is easy to maintain, prefer stone and concrete. Whatever material you choose, avoid too light colors that get dirty easily.

The Choice of Location

The choice of the location of the terrace is a key element of your project. For a terrace attached to the house, make sure it is at the same level as the interior of your house. As for the orientation, if you place it facing south, provide shade to protect you from the sun. You can orient it to the west or to the east in order to enjoy the sun at breakfast and lunch.

The Choice of Accessories

The choice of accessories for the terrace varies according to the location and the exposure of your terrace. A terrace can thus be equipped with a pergola, a plant hedge or even a windbreak. A wind barrier may be necessary if the terrace is exposed to the wind or to neighbors. A pergola is both a way to beautify the terrace while providing shade.

What Administrative Procedures?

It all depends on the characteristics of the deck. In all cases, it is recommended to find out about the Local Urbanism Plan. This sometimes sets obligations in terms of footprint or choice of materials.

Single Storey Deck Construction: What Steps?

An uncovered single-storey deck is not considered to be a footprint, so its construction does not require any administrative formalities. However, some municipalities require the use of specific materials: as a precaution, remember to consult the PLU.  If you choose to set up an awning (covered or partially covered deck), the surface is now considered to be a footprint. In this case, here are your obligations according to the developed surface:

  • Less than 5 m²: you have no formalities to complete.
  • Between 5 and 20 m²: you must make a prior declaration of work.
  • More than 20 m²: your work requires a building permit.
  • If your municipality has a PLU, the threshold increases from 20 to 40 m².

Roof-Deck Construction: What Steps?

The building permit and the agreement of the co-ownership are only mandatory if you install this deck on an apartment building. In the case of a roof deck of a house on the surface of the roof of an existing construction without modification of the roof, the development will not add an additional footprint to the building: no action is therefore necessary.

If you carry out a modification of your roof to accommodate your roof deck, the same rules as for new construction apply by completing your procedures with a request for authorization from the architect of the buildings if you live in a classified area. You will also need to use the services of a structural design office to check that your house can support the weight of this development.