April 20, 2024

Building Pergolas – What Kind of Roofing Materials Can You Go For?

When it comes to roofing pergolas Wollongong, you can choose from a wide range of materials. The roofing material that you choose would be based on varied factors, such as the style, shape and size of the pergola. How strong and durable the structure would be will depend on what kind of material you select for the roofing purpose. Some of the common choices include:


You can adjust it to the exact shape and size of the structure. It can be easy to take a decision from metals like tin, aluminum or copper. You can cut as well as shape metals easily, and ensure effective protection for your pergolas Wollongong from the harsh elements. The downside is that these make the inside of a pergola too hot and too dark.


If you want to have an aesthetic and colorful roof for your pergolas Wollongong, get one that is made of fabric. Fabric pergola covers happen to insulate the space well enough, and can be a great choice as a result. Based on what kind of fabric you use, you will be able to avoid heat transmission – which can lead to roof damage or fading otherwise. Generally, a durable and tough fabric is used for making boat sails. It can also be useful for filtering UV rays as well as other harmful elements of nature – like heavy rain and sunlight, so as to ensure a longer lasting pergola.

Fiberglass and Plastic

These are some other materials to opt for, when it comes to building roofing for pergolas Wollongong. These are cheap and lightweight options. You can cut these to size easily and let light filter in, based on the roof color. These can even keep the pergola safe from harsh weather elements – such as snow or rain. With such options, you can also reduce UV radiation. Fiberglass is a green choice, as it is made out of recycled materials. The same, however, cannot be said about plastic.


These are thermoplastic polymers that can be molded easily. The impact resistance of this material is quite high, and there are various other benefits as well – such as:

  • Toughness
  • Ability to retard flames
  • Can be shaped easily
  • Heat resistance

You can also find these for different requirements for transparency and heat transmission. Polycarbonates can ensure high UV protection. It can also be chosen for pergolas Wollongong from various color combinations, and can be made in special ways –to resist too harsh weather conditions.