January 27, 2022

Roofing: Different Styles, Different Materials, And Different Solutions

Choosing a roofing material for your home is an important decision, as it will help determine the roof’s lifespan and energy efficiency. While roofing can last many years before needing replacement, there are factors that may cause roof damage or need replacing more quickly.

Roofs come in all different styles, each with its own set of benefits. Some roof materials block out sun and heat better than others because they have a darker color or thick composition, while some roofing materials are able to prevent leaks if properly maintained. Each roofer specializes in a certain type of roofing material so you should ask what kind of roofing material would be best for your home. 

Here are the basics on each roofing material type:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofs in North America and come in a variety of colors and styles. Asphalt shingle roof material is known to perform well under severe weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy snowfall thanks to its overlapping design that protects it from severe impact. The price of asphalt shingle roof replacement can vary depending on how much roof needs to be replaced but typically costs between $1,500 – $2,000 for a typical ranch-style home. It usually takes 1-2 days to complete roof replacement with asphalt shingle roof material.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a roof alternative that can last for more than 100 years with little maintenance and care. This roofing material is one of the most expensive roof types available on the market today but also one of the best roof insulators available. Slate roof replacement cost ranges between $10,000 – $12,000 depending on size and shingle thickness. While it may seem like an expensive upfront investment, however in the long run this roof type will save you because it requires minimal maintenance once installed. 7-10 days is the average roof replacement time for roofing made from slate.

Wood Roofing

Wood roofing is another great insulating material that can last more than 30 years with minimal care and maintenance. Wood shingles are available in hardwood varieties such as cypress, mahogany, teak, and others but also comes in softwoods like redwood, cedar, and pine. Wood roof replacement cost ranges between $8,000 – $15,000 depending on the size and quality of wood used. Homeowners should consider their roof framing before choosing wood roof shingles because this roofing material can be heavy and roofers will need to ensure the roof supports the weight of the roofing shingles.

Concrete Roofing

Concrete roofing tiles are both very strong and durable, meaning that they will last for a long time if properly maintained. They also resist fire damage pretty well. On the other hand, there are quite heavy which can make roof repairs difficult. Furthermore, installation requires an experienced roofer as the process is somewhat complex.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is another roof alternative that has grown in popularity because of its durability and energy efficiency. It can withstand heavy rains, high winds, snowstorms, and fire better than asphalt shingle roofs. One drawback to metal roofing material is that it reflects heat away from the home so may not provide the same insulation that an asphalt roof would, depending on the color of the roofing material used. Metal roof replacement cost for a typical home ranges between $6,000 – $8,000 but can be well worth it when your roof doesn’t need replacing for many years to come.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing alternatives such as terra cotta and clay tiles are another popular roof material because they look great on Spanish-style homes and come in so many different colors and patterns. They’re also flame resistant and require little maintenance if installed correctly by a qualified contractor. Terra cotta tile roof replacement cost ranges between $9,000 – $11,000 depending on size and quality of tile used while clay tile roofs range $12,000 – $15,000. 


Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roof material when it comes to roof installation costs. Metal roofing is considered one of the safest roof materials in terms of protection against fires, but this means that metal roof installation costs more than an asphalt roof. Concrete roof tiles are durable roof materials, but they are also heavy which can make roof installation laborious. Clay roof tiles are not only strong roofing materials, but they also have a beautiful aesthetic appeal. Lastly, wood roof shake roofing is aesthetically pleasing, although it requires special tools during roof repair due to the presence of pegs that need to be popped out in order for new boards or shingles to fit into place.

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