April 20, 2024

Cleaning And Maintaining Shower Screens- A Handy Guide

Nowadays, glass shower doors are a more modern and popular option for homes. Unlike traditional shower curtains, the glass-made shower screens are better at keeping water in the shower and away from the floor. These screens are also safer for the little kids as there is no risk of standing up in the shower and pulling down the curtain completely. After fitting a new shower screen, it is important to maintain and take regular care of the screens. Otherwise, it will lose lustre over time. Apart from taking regular care, give a thorough clean to the shower screens in Eastern Suburbs Sydney at least once every month.

How do the shower screens become dirty?

When the shower screens become dirty, things often get trapped in nooks and crannies and the microscopic divets. Besides, moisture gets trapped in the shower screens by the micro-particles of soap, shampoo, chemicals, dirt, and so on. And when the dirt and moisture are left for long, these accumulate and set hard. As a result, the shower screen becomes scummy. And when left for a long time, these set even harder and become like silicate that can make up the glass sand. So, with regular cleaning and by following some preventive measures, it is possible to keep the shower screens in Eastern Suburbs Sydney clean as well as to prevent dirt and more permanent damaging from taking place.

How to clean and maintain shower screens?

  • To clean the shower screens, only use mild and warm soapy water that is ph neutral. You can also use fabric conditioners for this purpose.
  • Before using any cleaning solution on the shower screen, test it on an inconspicuous area.
  • Clean and wipe the surface immediately after applying the cleaning solution by using a sponge or a damp soft cloth.
  • Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water making it sure the cleaning solution is properly removed without leaving any residue.
  • Wipe the shower down after using it every time. Besides, squeegee and dry the hardware, aluminium frame, and glass to minimize the water spots. It is important to care for and maintain the shower screen regularly to keep it looking like new.
  • Keep your bathroom ventilated and dry all the time.

What not to do:

  • Never use any strong solvents like solutions or thinners that contain ketones, esters or chlorinated hydrocarbons for cleaning shower screens
  • Never use Phosphoric or Hydrofluoric acid, alcohol-based or ammonia-based cleaners to clean shower screens in Eastern Suburbs Sydney as these often steak and result in permanent staining of the frame surface.
  • Never let the cleaning solution stay on the surface as this would result in mineral deposits and permanent marking. This is very important in the areas where water comes with high mineral content.
  • Never use any abrasive scourers, bleach, ammonia, bristle brushes, wax, solvents, alcohol, or sharp instruments on anodized aluminium or glass surfaces. Otherwise, these items would cause permanent scratching in the screen or would damage the entire surface.