April 22, 2024

Prominently the water meter is an easy indicator of bathroom leaks. After close observation of the meter, the following points can be paid heed to while detecting a leak:

Bathroom inspection

Careful inspection of the bathroom area is a must. Areas in and around the bathroom tub, shower, sink, drain pipes, taps, flooring etc. need a thorough check to ensure that there’s no place missed out.

Inspect the drain

The easiest way to detect a leak in the drain or the bathtub is to plug it with a stopper and fill it up with water. Let it stand for an hour or so and then check on the level. If it has dropped, then there’s a leak. Check if the stopper is working fine too or else it could be the reason for the drop in the water level.

Check for toilet leaks

Another method to check for toilet leaks is by adding food colouring to the tank. After a while the interior is checked, if the colour is visible, then there’s a distinct leak.

Shower leaks

It is observed that shower leaks are the most common and widespread cause of bathroom leaks. Always check the seal around the showerhead is intact so that no water is leaking. Shower curtains should not be allowed to drip on the floor too.

sink leak

Check your sink

For the sinks, the easiest way to detect a leak is by pouring an excess of water into the pan and then checking for any leakage below. With ample space given below, there won’t be any issue in catching the leak whether it’s the faucet or a drain pipe.

Ceiling stains

The significant sign of plumbing leaks is either seen on ceilings or the flooring. So, watch out for any newly developed stains or cracks in the walls, roof or floor of the bathroom. Growing of mould is also an indication of a bathroom leak which needs to be fixed.

Checking for and repairing such leaks is critical. If you are in doubt, you can always contact your local plumbing company like Morwa Plumbing 24/7 for help. Wastage of water needs to be avoided and all it takes is awareness.