July 21, 2024

Consider These While Selecting Any Commercial Service for Pest Control

If you are running any business then you will know how important it will be to provide your employees and customers with a healthy and clean workplace or office. 

Unfortunately, in certain places, often in the cleanest buildings also there can be a presence of any unwanted guests. Most rodents and pests often find shelter in any commercial buildings for searching for food, and water.

If your home or office currently has any pest infestation, then you need not panic. There is a pest control Edmond OK available such as Thunder Pest Control, who can offer you a professional pest control service for your premises.

By taking their help, your commercial building can become completely pest-free, and you will remain completely free from all worries. However, before you decide to hire any pest control service provider, it is very important to know about your need from your pest control company. 

You must be a little careful about the following types of companies while looking for any pest control service provider:

  • Those who want to provide pest control service as a package deal, e.g. tree trimming or general home repair, and also offer a special price in case you hire them immediately.
  • Companies that don’t have any working telephone number.
  • Companies that go door-to-door or try to target the elderly person or any persons who are living alone. You must verify their credentials and identification!!!
  • Suddenly arrive at your place and show you certain insects that they have just found in your neighborhood as sign of a certain neighborhood problem.
  • Companies that offer quotations for a per-gallon price say that termite control may need several gallons of such diluted insecticide.
  • Companies that claim to have got a secret formula.  Every pesticide product should be registered by authorized agencies and they must contain a label indicating the list of all active ingredients. 
  • Companies that pressurize you to sign immediately a contract and suggest that your house is unsound structurally and if it is not treated then may collapse.
  • Companies who claim that they have excess left-over material from their previous job and hence are ready to offer you a reduced price if you agree for immediate treatment.
  • Companies that claim that they have been endorsed by the agricultural departments of the U.S. EPA or some other government agency.  No government agencies endorse any pest control service company or any specific pesticide product.

While hiring any pest control company, the following information must be confirmed:

  1. Experience and reputation
  2. Services offered
  3. License and insurance
  4. How many skilled/trained technicians are available 
  5. Customer service
  6. Cost of services

Now having gone through the all above, you have now understood, what you must try to check while you are trying to hire any commercial service for pest control and avoid those scam stars who often dupe their customers by making certain false claims.

Therefore, find a certain reputable pest control company whom you can trust! Thunder Pest Control has been in this business since 1995 and the company has plenty of experienced professionals and has been offering useful services to the residents of Oklahoma.