June 14, 2024


Carpet stains are one of the most embarrassing things to deal with and can be embarrassing when you have visitors over. Sadly, they are inevitable, especially when you have kids and pets. Knowing how to tackle common carpet stains is the only way to keep your carpet spotless. 

Coffee spills and vomit stains are some of the toughest stains you may have to tackle on your carpet. Besides having your carpet professionally cleaned, you need to know how to tackle the stain while still fresh to prevent carpet odors. Here is a guide.

Coffee spills

Ideally, you should address the spill immediately when it happens. First, blot the spill with paper towels to absorb as much liquid as possible before it dries. You can also use an absorber towel to blot the stain but use something you can throw away when it stains.

The next step involves mixing up a solution that will address the stain on a deeper level because it has likely penetrated deep into the carpet fibers. Note that the blotting only addresses the surface but doesn’t do much for the stain itself. Mix some white vinegar with liquid dish soap- a tablespoon of each, then add two cups of warm water.

Pour some of the mixture into a piece of cloth and use it to sponge the coffee stain. Keep on sponging the stain for some time until all of it is gone. Have a dry cloth to dry the spot as you work. If you are worried that the vinegar might damage your carpet, use plain water instead, but the results are not likely to be effective. Then leave the spot to dry. 

Vomit stains

Vomit stains on your carpet are not only disgusting to look at but smelly and unhygienic. But you can easily get rid of them with the cleaning agents you already have in your home. 

An effective way to tackle vomit stains is using corn starch. First, wipe the vomit to get rid of most of it. You can use a flat item like a spatula or a towel to scoop much of it. After that, cover the whole stain with corn starch and let it sit for about 15minutes as it absorbs the stain. 

Then use a dry cloth and a dry cleaning solution to tackle the remaining part of the stain. Pour the solution on the stain and blot it. You will probably not see any remaining vomit stain after this step. However, it is not uncommon for the odor to linger, leading to bacteria growth on the carpet fibers. 

After removing vomit stains on your carpet, the best thing to do after removing vomit stains is to look for professional carpet cleaning Irvine. Experienced carpet cleaners can steam clean or dry clean the carpet thoroughly to remove the remnants of the vomit stain and any odor.

Final word

If your DIY stain removal solution doesn’t seem to work on your carpet, it is best to call a professional carpet cleaner. Thankfully they can tackle all the stubborn stains on your beautiful carpet, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.