July 25, 2024

Decorate Your First Studio Condo With Designer Furniture From Singapore! 3 Interior Designing Tips

Studio condo units are great for those who have just moved out of their house because of their affordability. But while some people also love the smaller living space, others struggle to adjust. Either way, everyone can agree on one thing: moving all of your furniture in can be a puzzle. Do you put your wooden dining table at the centre or the corner? How do you separate the dining room from your bedroom? How do you stop bumping into everything?

It’s easy to figure it out, so long as you have a game plan. Here are three tips for arranging your designer furniture from Singapore to fit your new home perfectly.

1.) Use storage pieces effectively.

You can turn storage pieces into ‘walls’ that can separate areas in your condo unit. For example, if you bought a shoe cabinet in Singapore, you can place it near the doorway and use it to separate your living room from your dining room. Place a storage trunk between the end of your bed and your study table from Singapore and separate your work area from your bedroom.

2.) Find furniture with several uses.

There are lots of designer furniture options in Singapore that can turn from one piece into another. For example, you can buy a sofa bed in Singapore and set it up depending on your needs. It can be your bed at night, but you can turn it back into a sofa if you have friends coming over. You can also find tables or desks with storage compartments.

3.) Shrink your dining space.

In a condo unit, it’s impractical to use a table that can seat eight people. Opt for a small, circular wooden dining table. Use seats without armrests to save space. You can push this set into the kitchen and combine the two areas to save more space.

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