July 25, 2024

Double Carports: Know the common sizes

It could be that you have brought another new car and trying to secure both. If so, then you can construct a double carport. Contacting the experienced Carport Canberra professionals can help you to have them constructed quickly and properly.

Things to consider

First try to figure out the amount of space that you have and will require to construct the structure. Getting to know the common sizes will allow you to construct the double carport and meet your specifications.

If the plan is to fit two vehicles comfortably in the carport, then determine if you require an oversized one. This will help accommodate easily larger vehicles like motor home, vans, pickups, etc. You may also consider a small scale construction to fit motorbikes, ATVs and small economy vehicles.

Know the common sizes

  • Single size carport: According to the Carport Canberra experts, for single carport, the standard size is 12×24 or 10×20 feet. If you have larger vehicles or wide swinging doors, then a large sized carport will be convenient. For some, small sized carport might be extremely small as there will be very little additional front to the back room. Moreover, cars having long doors will find it extremely tough to fit inside.
  • Double size carport: This type of carport as per the Carport Canberra specialists is double the size of that of the single carport. Their standard size is around 24×24’, thus being a perfectly fitting carport. You may even consider making it a bit narrower as there are very less chances of both the vehicle doors being opened simultaneously. If larger equipment or vehicle is to be parked like an RV or boat, then a double width carport is the right choice. However, it becomes essential to increase the carport size appropriate lily to allow larger vehicles to stow safely inside. Moreover, there should be sufficient clearance room present around each vehicle. This will ensure greater convenience and comfort when getting in/out.


This is another aspect that you should discuss with your Carport Canberra expert. The double carport’s size is likely to be dependent on the vehicle type to be stored. The typical height to consider is around 8 or 10 ft. But if you own larger vehicles like vans, trucks or motor-homes, then the ceiling should be around 12’. For RVs, additional height will be necessary to accommodate roof appliances like AC units, satellite TV receivers and fans.