July 25, 2024

Few Myths and Misconceptions that Exist About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are a homeowner or a businessman, you need to clean your carpets regularly with the help of any commercial cleaning services chosen from Bleen, where most of the tradies in Australia have registered themselves.

This is necessary to preserve the beauty and life of your carpet. Generally, it is recommended that one should get their carpets cleaned by using a professional service at least one time a year.

However, often many people overlook this and either clean in a DIY way to save money or don’t clean at all. Often people believe certain myths and misconceptions as far as carpet cleaning services are concerned.

In this post, we have listed these myths and misconceptions and tried to bring out the facts, so that you may not start believing in such unfounded myths.

1.    Carpet cleaning is only meant for removing dirt

Many people tend to think that carpet cleaning simply cleans the dirt, but they are not aware that carpets contain lots of allergens too.

2.    It is not necessary to waste money by hiring any commercial carpet cleaner

Many people think that regular vacuuming is good enough rather than paying high service charges, however, your carpet will start looking old.

3.    The longer you offer a gap between cleaning will be better

Often few people think that by giving sufficient gap between professional carpet cleaning, it will enhance carpet’s life, however, the fact is that it will reduce carpet’s life.

  1. Any janitorial service is good enough to keep your carpet clean

The fact is that a professional carpet cleaner uses suitable cleaners and thoroughly cleans your carpet and janitorial services do not have that kind of equipment or expertise.

2.    Commercial carpet cleaning will always be too expensive

If you choose any commercial carpet cleaning companies from the directory of FlooringDomain, you can find reliable company who will reasonably charge you.

3.    Professional carpet cleaners may use certain strong and harmful chemicals

This is not true, most professional carpet cleaners use approved cleaners or any environment-friendly cleaners that are not at all harsh chemicals.

4.    It hardly matters how you clean your carpet

There is a lot of differences between any general carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning. Your carpet will get back its original shape after professional cleaning.

5.    You should go for commercial carpet cleaning only it gets extremely dirty

Your carpet may accumulate lots of allergens and create health issues if you allow your carpet to get extremely dirty.

6.    The steam cleaning method often used by most commercial carpet cleaners may damage your carpet

This may be true if you go for any cheaper service. Prefer to choose any reputed cleaner.

7.    The lowest price will be the best price

The life of your carpet may be at stake if you try to cut the corner while selecting your carpet cleaner.

So, you must not take all these myths too seriously but go for professional carpet cleaning through a reputed commercial carpet cleaning tradie chosen from the FlooringDomain, which is the best platform available online to find a suitable local contractor for this service in Australia.