June 14, 2024

Finer Choices for the Best Room Decoration

There is also the option of acquiring equipment from vintage collections; to date, a fairly large number of them have been developed. Although they are much higher than standard models, they can be hidden, and put on public display. In KnotHome you can have the best of the lot now.

The same applies to decorating in the kitchen and in the bathroom:

  • They are performed in antiquity. In creating the perfect interior of old English houses, there should not be any stainless steel parts in the bathroom and kitchen, they must be replaced with ceramic analogues.
  • And quite often, ceramics are additionally decorated with various paintings, and it looks quite stylish. 

We conclude that with patience and means, as well as attentiveness to details and elements, it is quite possible to reproduce an exact copy of the interior of the house in the English style. On the Internet you will find a huge number of photos of examples of successful solutions that you can apply in creating a similar interior for your home.

Red color makes your furniture wider and visually widens. This choice is not for the room in which you plan to relax, it is very dynamic and stimulates the appetite, therefore it is more advisable to choose red furniture for the kitchen, office or office. The red kitchen will truly become the heart of your home! It will be warm, sunny and comfortable to gather on it in a narrow family circle, or a cheerful company of old friends. Red coexists perfectly with juicy shades of green, turquoise, aquamarine. A combination of red and brown looks sophisticated and sophisticated. An elegant trio can be obtained by adding beige. In the interior solutions, executed in the hi-tech style now popular, red and white, black, and gray look beautiful and even a little ascetic.

Orange color

Orange is the color of warm autumn weather, excellent sunny mood. Just like red, visually makes furniture bigger. Juicy shades of orange are extremely successfully combined with more balanced tones – brown, beige, gray. Such a tandem will work great for a child’s room . Moreover, both a boy and a girl! It encourages action, perfect for calm kids who do not like to pore over lessons for a long time. The combination of orange with white is one of the most successful options, where white reduces the activity of orange. The duo of orange and blue is characteristic of the Mediterranean style, now popular “Provence”.


  • Yellow is a sunny color. 
  • The color of happiness, light and airy. 
  • A win-win choice for a living room. 

You will feel rested after a hard day’s work. If you choose it as a decoration for walls, pastel shades are best suited – cream, lemon, golden, which can make even the darkest room more transparent. Furniture with red, green, blue, brown colors will go well with the yellow walls. Yellow with blue is a classic. However, much depends on the given style of the room. Dilute your yellow with a light brown and you will get a natural, natural combination. Do you want contrast and outrageous? The addition of black and white will help you with this.