June 14, 2024

Quick Options for the Perfect Coffee Makers

Produced exclusively in Brazil and exported worldwide, Coffee maker is the darling of roasting masters. Elected as the official Cup of Excellence coffee roaster, the equipment is perfect for producing unique blends of specialty coffees, either in small batches for individual customers or for custom profiling.

With a roasting capacity of up to 1kg,  Coffee maker has a classic design and a custom stainless steel finish, making it a goal of many roasters because it is designed to be compact and ergonomic, allowing for quick and easy adjustments. With the best 5 cup coffee maker 2019 you can have the best options now.

The Official Coffee Roaster of the 1st Roasting Championship

Designed to be versatile, Coffee maker is for those who want to maximize the production of specialty coffee roast as larger roasters do. Elected the official roaster of the 1st Roasting Championship, Coffee maker has the exclusive technology of the Pilot Roaster Shop, a system that allows professionals to precisely control the roasting curve, saving profiles and recipes, thus ensuring a high degree of repeatability. 

Coffee maker has a capacity to roast up to 5kg of coffee. Thanks to its two independent cyclone fans (one for roaster hot air system and one for grain cooling) it is possible to make a new roasting while other grains are being cooled, thus optimizing the production time.

Coffee makers for You

Small enough to be flexible, large enough for large-scale production, the Coffee maker 12 is the ideal machine for the most ambitious roasting masters. Capable of processing up to 400kg of green coffee in 340kg of roasted coffee in just 8 hours, the coffee roaster features digital temperature and time controls with an automatic ignition system and pilot flame monitoring for complete roast safety.

Finer Options

For those who dream of big production or have a business that is heading for expansion, Coffee maker is the perfect choice. With a daily roasting capacity of 800kg, this robust coffee roaster provides unique, large-scale roasters.

In addition to digital controls for measuring temperature and time, the Coffee maker features an automatic pilot flame ignition system for complete safety, preventing accidents and further optimizing production.

Coffee makers You Need

With a unique design, the Coffee maker is the perfect coffee roaster for those who are looking for a large-scale roasting of specialty coffees but not giving up quality, making it the ideal choice for determining the most efficient roasting point. This robust machine can roast up to 240kg of coffee per hour! Its high-tech burner is fully adjustable and designed to achieve maximum combustion efficiency, which reduces gas emissions and environmental impact.

So, do you already know which coffee roaster best suits your needs? If you still have questions, it offers personalized advice to help you make the best choice. The certainty we have is that by choosing a roaster, you are opting for high quality and innovative equipment.