July 25, 2024

Finer Effects for the Best Housewarming Party Arrangement

Have you just moved into your new cozy little nest? Have you finally taken the plunge and decided to live with your spouse? It deserves a party, don’t you think? A housewarming party is indeed the perfect opportunity to introduce your family and friends to your new home, and to celebrate an important stage in your adult life. Discover our tips to ensure the success of your party. The first option is that the moving house cards are there now.


Celebrate like in the Middle Ages

Do you think all occasions are good to celebrate? A move should then be no exception to the rule! A housewarming party is the ultimate festive event, during which family and friends are invited to discover new accommodation and eat together for the occasion. But do you know where the term “housewarming” comes from? In the Middle Ages, meals were cooked in the hearth of a fireplace using a pot , which was hung on a rack so that it could be hung more or less near the fire. The rack was often the last thing installed in the house and its hanging marked the beginning of the thank-you meal. Of course, it is useless today to have a fireplace to make good food and feast all together.


  1. Choose the most appropriate date

Before you can finally hang your rack in the hearth of the fireplace, you will first need to set an adequate date. Unfortunately, you will soon realize that the ideal date does not exist. Whatever day you choose, some family members or friends will always be unable to attend.

Our advice? Wait until you are properly settled in and feel comfortable in your new home before hosting the party, but don’t wait too long either. The goal is to organize hanging around the date of your move.

  1. Send festive invitations

Right now it’s very easy to invite guests to a party via Facebook or WhatsApp, but if you want to add a bit of panache to your party, it’s best to send invitation cards by mail. No need to spend a fortune, a handwritten letter will do just fine.

Also be sure to keep control of your number of guests. A difference of ten guests, for example, will have great repercussions on the furniture to be provided and the quantities of food to be prepared.


  1. Warn your neighbors

Inform your neighbors in time of the organization of your party. Not only warn them of possible noise pollution, but also invite them to your rack to get to know each other better. Are your neighbors old and not really festive? Agree on the modalities of the party, to avoid having the police ring the doorbell in the middle of your evening.


  1. Make room

Of course, your housewarming party is the perfect time to organize a guided tour of your new home, but be sure to concentrate the party in one and the same room. The party traditionally takes place in the living room, but nothing prevents you from favoring another room. In summer, why not organize your housewarming party outside, in the garden or on the terrace? Whichever you choose, always take care to limit possible material damage. Store fragile and valuable items under cover, and place tables and chairs that are normally in the middle of the room along the walls. Finally, remember to provide a nice decoration. Along with the housewarming online invitations this is important.