May 30, 2024

Home staging trends in New Jersey

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There is hardly a real estate agent in New Jersey that is not going to tell you just how important home staging is. True, having a nice home in a decent neighborhood is important. But, it is the home staging that really seals the deal once the potential buyers come round to have a look. So, if you want to do a proper job with selling your home, you need to take home staging seriously and find a way to make your home shine. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the more prevalent home staging trends in New Jersey.

Latest home staging trends in New Jersey

Home staging trends in New Jersey tend to change as the years go by. During a certain period, people focus on luscious front yards and comfortable living rooms. At other times, they prefer to modern kitchens and more light in their homes. So, we shall focus on the trends that are currently quite present in New Jersey. Therefore, you will be able to stage your home properly for a modern buyer.

Smart homes

Smart homes are becoming more and more present in today’s real estate. Especially in areas such as New Jersey, where you have a lot of tech-savvy, young professionals. So, if you want to stage your home properly, consider making it smart. Climate monitors, electricity controllers, and wireless light switches. The smarter you can make your home, the better.

The sooner you can make your home smart, the better.

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Ideally, you want to have everything connected to your phone so that you can present all the options when the buyers arrive. Even something as simple as a light controller on your phone can have a great effect, especially if you use it properly.

Home security

Along with smart homes come the modern home security systems. If you do not have your home secured with a proper security system, you can forget about selling it in New Jersey. People are expecting at least an alarm system with their homes. But, if you truly want to astonish your potential buyers, consider investing in a more well-rounded security system. Young families love hearing about how their home is safe and sound. So, the more things you have to mention about your security system, the better the odds are that you will sell your home. Remember, even though it doesn’t sound like one of the home staging trends in New Jersey, modern home security is a seller.

Open rooms

Long gone are the cluttered rooms with a bunch of books and plants. In modern times people usually opt for a minimalist lifestyle. So, when figuring out which home staging trends in New Jersey to use, keep in mind that people like open spaces. One of the easiest ways to present your home as wide and open is to declutter. Go to sites like and learn how to easily declutter your home. Keep in mind that you need to make your home feel as if it came out of a magazine. So, when you declutter, try to get rid of as many things as possible.

One of the biggest home staging trends in New Jersey is large, open living rooms.

Alt: A large, open living room, showing one of the biggest home staging trends in New Jersey.

Secondly, you want your living spaces to feel as open as possible. This means using colors that we mentioned and having a lot of light. A neat trick is to place a mirror in your room as it will give the impression that the room is larger.

A clean front yard

If you are planning on investing in flowers or some serious landscaping for your front yard, don’t. Modern buyers don’t like front yards with a lot of flowers and plants. Instead, they prefer either trees or nothing at all. Keep in mind that more and more people are living with their pets. So, they will be more worried about whether the pet will have enough room to play around, instead of thinking about plants. So, get rid of anything that is laying in your front yard. Not only will you make your NJ relocation enjoyable, but you will also make your front yard more appealing. The more you can make your yard feel open and full of possibilities, the better. Don’t clutter it up with needless decorations and plants.


Eco-friendliness is becoming more and more important in today’s real estate. And, once you take a look at the rate of climate change, you’ll have an easy time understanding why. So, if you want to present your home properly to a modern buyer, make sure that it is eco-friendly. You can go from implementing small eco-friendly solutions in your home like water collectors or recycling bins. To the larger ones like solar panels and energy-efficient doors and windows. Know that eco-friendly, smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. So, the more you can stay ahead of the curve the better.

Vibrant colors

One of the latest home staging trends in New Jersey is vibrant colors. Even though people like modern homes, they do not want them to be gray or black. Modern buyers tend to prefer more color in their homes, which is why you should carefully consider how you paint yours. Keep in mind that simply splash vibrant colors isn’t going to do you much good. You need to either pick whether you want your rooms to be open or warm in order to properly organize them. Also, you should consider which colors you will use in your kitchen, as it can play a big role in how your home is perceived.

Carefully consider which colors you will use for your home.

Alt: A room with dark blue walls and yellow furniture.

Ideal colors for living spaces in your home should be either dark green or blue. Those colors invoke a feeling of open space and calmness, which is what modern buyers are looking for. For your bedrooms, you want to use warmer, comfier colors like warm orange or dark yellow. Colors play a big role in the way we perceive space, so make sure to think them through carefully.