July 21, 2024

Kitchen cabinet colour ideas you cannot miss out on

People are obsessed with white kitchen and that is valid too. But some people look a little too obsessed and believe that it enhances the overall impact. However, it is necessary to note that kitchen cabinets have an important role in the house. While white may add a tone of elegance, the kitchen cabinets of other colours and tones can be a great addition.

Comparatively, times have changed and people are opting for more detailed and architecturally designed cabinetry. Instead of just sticking to white, you might as well prefer adding a few more colours for a better impact. The combination of two or more colours in contrasting shades can be a perfect combination for the house cabinets. Moreover the combination would allow you to personalise your look. However some of the prominent kitchen cabinet ideas you can try for your kitchen include the following

Sea Blue and Sky Blue

The combination of sea Blue and Sky Blue is great. These two shades of the same colour when they added together for kitchen cabinets can prove to be extremely beautiful. You can opt for lighter shade cabinets while the island would be deep blue in colour. You can combine the space with stainless steel appliances and make sure that the island bands are made of dark wood.

Leaf Green and White

A combination of leaf green and white can be yet another deadly combination. You should consider decorating the interior walls white in colour while painting the cabinet lead green. Although they may not be able to create the same effect individually, together they can create a bomb effect. You should work towards installing the cooktops accordingly so that it attracts everyone’s attention.

Bright Red and Midnight Black

No better combination attracts one’s attention that bright red and midnight black. The combination of the two can contribute towards enhancing the dramatic impact. However, you need to ensure that you pair up the equal-intensity colour to create a better impact. Black cabinets against a background of white backsplash and red islands can create an excessive dramatic impact.

Lemon and Lime

The combination of vibrant and colours have always proven to be a great addition to the kitchen. You can always go bold with green cabinets and light yellow islands. There is a wide range of coloured comptoir de cuisine Entrepot Cuisine. The multicoloured kitchen backsplash can be a great backdrop. You can also consider opting for wooden counters with a cherry palette.