May 30, 2024


Cold bathroom floor during winters is a living nightmare. Bathroom Floor Heating Toronto is an efficient way to distribute the heat and warms the bathroom floor. Your trip to the bathroom every morning wouldn’t be the one where you would have to rush across the floor but you could waltz in into your warm bathroom. There is no denying the fact that we all love to spend our time in the bathroom and a warm bathroom will only make things more comfortable. Here is how a floor heating system works.

How does it carry out heating?

In a radiant floor heating system, there are two kinds of installations, one of them involves the usage of water-heated tubes and the other makes use of electric heating coils under the floors of your home. Once the floor heats up, the heat then moves upwards and warms up everything it touches. The radiated heat spreads from the ground upwards. It makes the temperature within the house more constant.

Is this heating system pocket-friendly?

Radiant floor heating system offers heat consistently. Due to its consistency of heat, it helps you to save money. One of the main reasons why underfloor heating systems are increasingly becoming popular as they are more economical than furnaces and boilers. The heating system has long-term cost benefits. It also runs silently and there are no air ducts which need to be dealt with. Hence, it is also a perfect option for those individuals who have allergies as it eliminates the blown air.

What are the different types of radiant floor heating systems?

There are two types of radiant floor heating systems that you could choose from, the hydronic heating system and the electric heating system. The amount of electric power required to head an entire house with the help of an electric heating system isn’t too cost-effective, hence, if you are looking for a cost-effective system, then the hydronic heating system which makes use of hot water running through pipes to heat up the home is a great choice.

Different sources can be made use of to heat the water in a hydronic heating system. You could either use a gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler or gas, kerosene or solar water heater to heat up the water. Choosing the heat source is dependent upon the size of the house and the average temperatures of the area that you are residing in.

Installation of the heating system

Once you have decided on which type of heating system to opt for, the next step is to get it installed. It is crucial that you get it installed by an expert. There are two types of installation options which are available: dry and wet. Dry installation by heating contractors Brielle NJ takes place when the heated water tube is placed directly under the subfloor, while the construction is on and the flooring is placed on top. For wet installation, a layer of think sheet of concrete is placed beneath the subfloor during the construction.