April 21, 2024

Reasons that make ITC WOOLEN CARPETS a MUST for your home and offices!

Decorating our homes, offices and other places we reside in involves a lot of aesthetic sense and an abundance of materials that must be appropriately used in order to provide a perfect blend of color, art and design. Carpets tops the list in decorative items as they are not only ornamental but also fulfill the basic human need of ease and comfort.

What is so special about ITC carpets?

Carpets are a significant part of almost every household for the basic reason that they are best insulators and thus are really helpfulin keeping the place warm. They maintain the temperature of the indoor environment keeping your residence cozy by contributing in the provision of warmth.Not only this, they also feel good psychologically and the soft feel of carpet under your feet and the mere thought of lying cozily on your carpet infront of the fireplace when its freezing outside is itself is a very relaxing idea.

Let’s explore how ITC WOOLEN CARPETS have gained their name and fame!


Keeping in view the quality material that ITC NATURAL LUXURY FLOORING promises its customers, wool itself is renowned for being one of the renewable materials, referring to an abundance of wool taken from sheep every 9-12 months so that is simply not a waste of resources.


One of the important characteristics of wool lies in the physical composition of wool i.e. it has a fiber structure of microscopic and overlapping scales leading to wool being a much more durable material to be used in carpet making.

This quality of wool enables it to easily get rid of stain and dirt, thus makes it an easy approach for decoration. For more visit here.

ITC NATURAL LUXURY FLOORING ensures that its wool is easy to be cleaned and maintained, simply by using a vacuum cleaner.


No matter how much time we spend thinking about the ornamental aspect of our homes and offices, the most important factor that most of us look into is the cost-effectiveness if anything that we are likely to buy.

ITC NATURAL LUXURY FLOORING keeps the monetary aspect of its customers in view and we make sure that the woolen carpets that we offer to our customers are inexpensive and meets the need of our clients.

Since our brand is one of the exceptional in its respective field, we make sure that we have a range of prices from which you can choose and each of our customer feels the same comfort and luxury after trading with us.


Another important area that we guarantee our customers is your health. Keeping in view that your well-being should be the topmost priority, we make sure that we provide the finest quality of wool, so as to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and dust mites and also keeps you safe from harmful emissions.

Thus keeping in view all the above mentioned benefits of wool, ITC NATURAL LUXURY FLOORING is ready to serve you with the best available products.