April 21, 2024

How to mow the lawn during winter correctly?

lawn during winter

It is not rare for lawn care to fall by the edge as temperatures go down and the snow starts to cover up the land. Your lawnmower maybe by now in the storeroom as you enjoy the break from outside gardening and yard jobs until spring. But, keeping your lawn in good shape during the cold season would make for a healthy, sturdy lawn, and a flat and flawless changeover into spring. If overlooked, lawn problems including overgrown weeds, dead grass, and a disorderly landscape might come up.

For winter lawn maintenance, preparation and ongoing scrutinizing are the main things.

Keep your lawn fertilized, hydrated, and in-shape with these winter lawn care tips.

  1. Don’t walk on the grass

Keep your feet away from your lawn, particularly if you live in a district with harsh winters marked by low temperatures and plentiful snowfall. Stepping on undeveloped grass can harm the turf grass crown – the stem from which the remaining grass develops and constant foot traffic can cause bare spots and compaction by spring. You can prevent the damaging of the grass by walking on cemented walkways. Mark ‘walkable’ regions with the help of reflectors, and make paved walkways clear of snow to lessen the possibility of injury. Look for Lawn Mowing Service Cumming if you need assistance.

  1. Use fertilizer

When to Apply Winter Lawn Fertilizer? Using lawn fertilizer at the end of the falls can keep your grass nourished throughout winter. Since the grass will be small, fertilizer can gradually soak into the soil. You must start by aerating your yard to make space for fertilizer and lessen soil compaction. Begin with damp soil and be sure to create numerous passes over the most compressed regions that endure lots of foot traffic. After the yard is aerated, use fertilizer. Be sure to consistently sprinkle fertilizer all through your lawn.

  1. Avoid mowing following the first frost

Winter makes grass inactive; it means it won’t grow again until summer or spring. This usually takes place following the first frost. Mowing in a dormant stage can lead to damage to your lawn because of the dipping temperatures. All kinds of grasses need a minimum temperature and quantity of rainfall for development. Trim the lawn grass a little before temperatures fall, and place the mower in the storeroom until spring. If you do not have a mower or other equipment, call the best Lawn Mowing Service Cumming.