February 21, 2024

A hose reel refers to a spindle that is used to store a hose. Usually, this product assumes a cylindrical shape for apparent reasons. Customers ought to choose these hydraulic hose reels carefully to get the value of money. Let’s start by understanding the secrets of buying a high-quality hose reel.

Secrets of Buying a High-Quality Hydraulic Hose Reel

Here are some of the most important factors you must consider when buying a hose reel.

  • Size of the hose reel; the reality is that this product will vary in size. In most cases, the size may depend on external factors such as—most hose reels measure between 7 meters and 22 meters.
  • Purpose; it’s important that you first identify the purpose of the hose reel. Most people use them for either water, grease, or air.
  • Configuration of the hose reel: unknown to some people, it’s important that you consider the hose reel’s configuration. Technically there are several configurations such as wall-mounted, fixed, or truck mounted.
  • Price; today, suppliers sell these hydraulic hose reels at varying prices. For this reason, you must request price options. Nowadays, if you buy these products online, you can request a personalized quote. Always go for the most affordable hose reel. However, that is not to suggest that you overlook other factors such as quality.
  • Pressure; customers ought to consider the working pressure of the hose reel. Most hose reels have a working pressure that ranges from 0.1 to 800.
  • Availability of the product; it’s unwise to consider a hose reel if it’s not easily available. Remember that that will imply that you spend more money to get it delivered. Instead, visit the nearest store and purchase a good hose reel. Don’t focus so much on the brand of the product, instead focus on the overall quality.
  • Durability; a good hose reel is made from stainless material. Additionally, the product is usually galvanized to protect it against rust. Therefore always check the material used to manufacture the hydraulic hose reel.
  • Operating temperature; customers ought to consider the operating temperature of the hose reel. A good hose reel should have an operating temperature of more than 134 degrees Celsius.
  • Color; some customers may consider the color of the product. Normally, the manufacturers use different paint colors to paint these hose reels. For this reason, it won’t hurt if you opt to consider your favorite color.

Uses of a Hydraulic Hose Reel

After understanding the factors to consider when buying a hose reel, it’s ok that we now understand the use of a hose reel. Let’s see some of the notable applications of hydraulic hose reel, especially in the industry.

  • Cranes
  • Hydraulic ramps
  • To rescue cars
  • Workshops
  • Oil production

Advantages of Hydraulic Hose Reels

  • They offer huge power; a hydraulic hose reel provides extremely high power to the hoses. For this reason, they can reel the hose efficiently both inside and out.
  • They guarantee efficiency; a hydraulic reel has a reasonable working pressure. Therefore they can provide the needed power to the hoses.
  • They enhance safety; this product helps to ensure that the hose pipe is recoiled, in one place. For this reason, it reduces the chances of an accident, such as when one trips and falls badly.
  • Ultimately saves you money; another advantage of these products is that they save one money. Although the price of these products may be unappealing, they save you money. Imagine the financial implication that will arise if your employee trips over a hosepipe and sustains a serious injury.

Finally, it always pays off to buy a high-quality product. That’s why it makes sense to consider each of the mentioned factors. Some customers tend to gravitate towards cheap hydraulic hose reels. Unfortunately, fraudsters have noticed this fact; hence they supply fake hose reels at a low price. As a result, you end up purchasing a low-quality product.