May 30, 2024

Important Post-Building Cleanup Tasks

When you picture a building site, most people will immediately think of words like “chaos” and “mess,” and they’d be right to do so. However, if you visit a construction site that has also employed reputable after builders cleaning services in Melbourne, for example, then you’ll find quite a different picture indeed.

Post-building cleanup is actually an incredibly important set of tasks. It’s more than just sweeping up dust, too. There are many critical tasks to be done, which is why people so often call in professionals to help out. Below are some examples of these tasks and why they matter:

Task 1: Dusting

Dust left over in the air can be particularly dangerous if proper steps aren’t taken to clean it up. Don’t forget that best building practices dictate that construction workers wear masks and sometimes even full respirators when they’re carrying out their work. That’s because the dust they find themselves surrounded by can cause some pretty nasty respiratory problems if left to be breathed in.

Post-building dust cleanup is a lot more than pushing a bottle of polish and a static cloth around the place. Dust has to be first vacuumed and swept using the right equipment, and then tackled with a damp mop. These two stages are often referred to as both dry and wet dusting. Sometimes the mops are treated with special chemicals to more safely lift dust particles without any risk of them scratching wood surfaces.

Task 2: Trash and Debris Disposal

Next, construction sites are like a breeding ground for trash and debris. All kinds of bits and pieces are left: bits of concrete, wood, leftover packaging from materials, empty sacks, tarpaulins and more. All of this stuff has to be removed lest it present a risk to anyone moving into that space. Even harmless-looking bits of wooden debris could prove very nasty for a young child picking it up and receiving a bad splinter.

Heavier debris such as concrete, rocks, and stone items also present tripping hazards, not to mention the potential for someone to injure themselves by stubbing a toe on them if they’re left strewn about. Trash and debris can also be hazardous for family pets who sniff around and eat things off the ground.

Task 3: Checks for Loose Nails and Loose Wires

With construction finished, a final check has to be made on all the detailing throughout the living or working space. In particular, checks have to include searches for signs of loose nails and loose wiring, both of which present an obvious safety risk to those who will occupy the space after building works are done. Loose nails at best ruin people’s clothing, but at worst cause serious cuts and gashes that can get infected. Loose wiring is even more serious, of course, as the risk of shock and even fires is very dangerous.

Task 4: Wall and Window Cleaning

Just as all the dust and grime has to be removed from the place, the walls and windows are no exception. Good post-building cleaners will go over the walls and windows thoroughly to remove accumulated dust and worse. This also obviously lends a lot to a fresh and pleasant finish to the work.

Task 5: Checks for Seals and Leaks

Finally, professional cleaners will go around the property and check all windows and doors open and close securely. They will also ensure that all the various switches and valves work as they should, and open and close to shut off gas or electric supply, etc. There will also be a last check to ensure that there are no plumbing issues or leaks. Water leaking from pipes will happily do terrible damage to a new property as it does to old properties.