July 21, 2024

Is Quartz Better Than Granite Countertops?

Countertops play a significant role in the kitchen, as this is the work surface where most of the food preparations are done. It takes up a considerable amount of space in the kitchen, therefore a significant factor in the kitchen overall. Countertops are also a good investment because it can raise the value of your home.

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Having a good countertop material is essential to make the kitchen chores and everyday tasks more efficient. Homeowners must make sure that their countertops are of high-quality before installed because it would take years before it can be replaced again.

If you want to have control over the design of your countertop, quartz is the best option as quartz is a man-made product, and quartz’s finishes can be customized. However, if you want a countertop designed for tough kitchen work, granite is the ideal option because it is made of a very hard material resistant to scratch or burn.

When it comes to types of kitchen countertops, choosing between quartz and granite can be a dilemma as both have their strong point and enthusiast. However, for some homeowners, quartz is their best option for the type of their countertops.

Compared to granite, quartz can be easily maintained. It can be cleaned with just a wipe using mild soap and warm water. Being easy to clean, quartz have less chances of leaving a stain. Granite countertops are porous and absorbs liquids quickly which contrasts with quartz being non-porous. It is disadvantage for countertops to be porous as it can promote the growth of bacteria and threaten your family’s health.

Also, compared to other types of countertops, quartz can be cheaper and reasonable in price.

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It is important that understand them fully, and when you do, you will know which type suits your purposes the best. This infographic from BKC will help you choose which one is better.