April 14, 2024

Know Why Vertical Window Blinds Are Perfect for Commercial Properties

Vertical blinds of any type are very functional in allowing you to adjust the amount of light and heat gain in your office space. They are also available in many different types of materials when you choose to go with customized window coverings.

Vertical Blinds for Commercial Properties

One of the great aspects of commercial buildings is that they are modern and have many large expanses of glass windows for aesthetics. Vertical window blinds allow you to see clearly outside when they are open without any distortions. You can also select the level of light and privacy when adjusting them so they are tightly closed, partially open or entirely open.

Why Were Vertical Blinds Created?

Vertical blinds came into play when they were patented in 1960, although they would not become popular until several years later. Now they are the window shading product of choice for commercial spaces. Vertical blinds were invented to solve a huge problem with horizontal blinds in large windows. Horizontal blinds that are installed on very wide or tall windows have a lot of weight to support and they will not be very durable because the lifting mechanism will break. Vertical blinds came to the rescue, as they are very durable with heavy-duty side drawing systems that do not have excess weight on them so they are long-lasting.

Easy to Clean and Less Dust

Horizontal blinds tend to be great dust and allergen collectors just because of the horizontal orientation. Older style horizontal blinds need to be cleaned quite often and you will spend time in doing so no matter if you use a specialized blinds vane cleaner, a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner attachment. Vertical blinds do not accumulate dust or debris and very rarely do they need to be cleaned. When you do clean them maybe once or twice a year you can simply close them and just wipe them down from the top to the bottom with a feather duster. If something happens to spill on them, you can wipe them with a damp cloth to make them appear brand new and clean again.

What Materials are Available in Vertical Blinds?

You have a huge array of materials from which to choose when you are shopping for custom vertical blinds. PVC blinds have clean lines and look great in any setting. This type of material is usually available in nice, smooth vanes for a clean appearance. You can find neutral colors and some custom vertical blinds come in great colors to match your decor.

Light filtering products are available in vertical shading solutions when they are manufactured in fabrics without a backing. This allows you to choose the fabric you want and filter out any amount of light you need in any window. Usually, this type of vertical blind has tiny weights on the bottoms of each vane so that they hang down uniformly and look very neat indeed.

Faux wood is the best of both worlds for durability and beauty all in one package. They appear just as hardwood blinds, but are much lighter in weight, last much longer and you can have them stained or painted to any color you wish. The finish on the vanes highlights the beautiful “wood grain” of faux wood vertical blinds.

Black out versions and room darkening versions can be accomplished in windows that have a lot of sunlight coming in them in the heat of the day. This enables your vertical blinds to be the most energy efficient model to cover your windows that is available.

Choices in Valances

Most commercial vertical blinds come with a valance at the top to hide the hardware and look very streamlined at the same time. You can find a standard dust cover valance with side pieces for outside mounted versions and you may instead choose a more classy model with rounded corners valances to match your architectural design in any commercial space.

Choose Where Your Vertical Blinds Stack

Another great feature of vertical blinds is that you get to choose where they stack. The stack is where the vanes lie together when they are opened. You can have them stack on the left of a window, on the right of a window or a center stack. Some models are also available to be a center draw where half of the vanes will stack to the left of the window and the other half will stack to the right of the window. This makes a great statement on large windows because you can see with an unobstructed view outside.

As you can see, when you choose customized vertical window blinds, you have a lot of decisions to make on how they look, operate and they are both an item of beauty and durable enough that you won’t need to replace them any time soon.