May 30, 2024

Maintenance Tips Of The Wood Burning Fireplaces In Central Coast

Have you ever wondered how it might feel coming back to a warm home after a tiring day at work? The winter is cold outside and you need to just light up the fireplace inside your home, and then sit next to it with a cup of coffee in hand and warm blanket! This sounds precious and now it is possible when you have the best fireplaces in the central coast by your side. Checking out the values will make it easier to actually get a real deal from a nearby store.

With experts by your side, you can actually make your living room cozier with fireplace ideas. But, it is not that easy to find the right idea. Checking out all the options before making one choice is always a smart move. Depending on the available space you have and the budget for the fireplace, the type is going to vary quite a bit. So, waste no time and get along with the best fireplaces for your use.

Importance of maintenance is hard to ignore:

It is true that you have invested a lot of money on the fireplace. So, it is time to maintain it just to make the item last for a long time. If you think you know everything about the living room fireplace, then you might be wrong. Purchasing one notable option for your use is great, but actually trying to maintain it for a long lasting option is a completely different ballgame. You need to be aware of the best maintenance tips you should follow for yourfireplaces to make the products last for a long time.

Never try to maintain the fireplace on your own, unless you are sure of the steps involved. If you do it in your own way, chances are high that you might be losing some options. You might even make the fireplace worse than what it was beforehand. So, try to grab help from experienced professionals for your use now.

Maintenance of the wood burning fireplace:

At first, it is mandatory for you to remove the ash from the firebox, either through the ash dump or straight from the box. When the fire is out for good, and the ashes are cold, try the removal procedure. The ash can be easily sprinkled on flower beds as one major source of the plant nutrients.

  • Sweeping out the chimney portion and performing one annual inspection is a must, if you want to maintain the condition of your fireplace and chimney both.
  • With time, the chimney will get coated with creosote and soot. Once this coating starts to build up, it can catch fire potentially, also known as “dangerous chimney fire.”
  • It is mandatory for you to sweep the chimney hard whenever creosote gets to build up around 1/8 inch or more and right at the end of the season.
  • The sweeping needs to be done right before summer as humidity in air can combine well with creosote for forming acids, which can damage your complete masonry and then result in some strong odours.
  • Whenever the chimney remains cleaned up, a drop cloth will then be laid down on hearth and right into the room. Make sure to use a respirator for protecting the sweep from breathing in the soot and creosote dust. It can be pretty harmful for your health.
  • Then for the next step of fireplace in central coast maintenance, you need to use the plastic or metal chimney brushes and tools with one vacuum system. It will brush the soot and creosote off from those interior walls of the chimney and the damper ledge.
  • Then make sure to take some time to inspect and then clean creosote out of the chimney cap. Occasionally, you might have to take help of the chemical cleaner for that help.
  • During the time when the fireplace and chimney are cleaned up, they are further inspected for ensuring that there is no serious crack in the chimney, liner or firebox. There should not be any missing or loose bricks or mortar. Even the damper needs to be positioned and working in a correct manner. The chimney cap needs to be in good repair and it should be structurally sound.

Tips for keeping the fireplace well-maintained:

Going through the points mentioned above, will help you to clean the fireplace on a daily basis or at regular intervals. However, cleaning the fireplace once in a while won’t work well for you if you don’t know how to keep that maintenance in check. It is important for you to keep the fireplace proficiently maintained for a long time.

  • Be sure to install some of the carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and make sure to keep them in proper working condition.
  • You have to keep the combustible materials like drapes, carpets and even furniture away from the fireplace when a fire is in burning motion.
  • Trying to install a guard in front of the fireplace’s central coast will be a good call as it will help you to keep the pets and children away from any harm.
  • Always be sure that there are no combustibles available within the 12 inches above the lintel, which is the metallic plate at top of the fireplace opening. It will include things like the wooden mantle.
  • Be sure to take time and then clean ashes from the fireplace, whenever it gets to reach the bottom of the grate. Here, it can impede airflow. Make sure to wear a mask all the time and gloves for safety, while performing such tasks.
  • Be sure to contact a certified sweep once in a year, minimum, for cleaning and inspecting the wood burning fireplace. Call them right at the end of burning season or more than that, if you ever notice soot and creosote build-up over 1/8 inches within the chimney.

Be sure to get along with the sweep and check his working status and experience, before giving him such a job to perform. He should be able to perform the task well on your behalf, so you can enjoy fireplace time without any worry.