July 25, 2024

Difference between manual dampers and automatic dampers

Businesses and property owners strive to get the best and most cost-effective HVAC systems. HVAC dampers are in great demand everywhere. It is the only channel through which any property get a balance flow of how or cool air flow.Installation of a HVAC damper is not that difficult if you havea technician you is experienced in the same.They know their job better and so they are the best to help you with the setup.

Inthis article, we shall cover about the difference between manual dampers and automatic HVAC dampers. These will help you to get the installation of HVAC dampers smoothly. Even if the technician is there with you or not, you must know what is being fixed in your duct systems. Some basic knowledge is always better than no knowledge about HVAC systems.

Difference between manual dampers and automatic dampers:

  1. Manual dampers:

The levers are mostly located outside the air ventsso that you can manually operate them. The valves and dampers are manually connected to the duct systems. Most manualdampers have a standard simple design. These are generally more durable compared to other dampers.They also do not require much maintenance.

However, manual dampers are more time-consuming andeffort taking. You will need to be dependent on the labour to do the tasks.

  1. Automatic damper:

Automatic dampers come with small motors with open and close damping plates and valves. One of the major differences between automatic dampers and manual dampers is that automatic systems can be controlled remotely. Operators have specifically designed the desired thermostats so that the dampers can automatically sync with them and take the functions.

In automatic dampers, you do not need a human touch. They are programmed to do things remotely. Thus, the pressure of air flow is balanced properly. Most operators prefer automatic dampers to direct the air flow as per the various zones.Bigger organisations cannot rely on manual dampers for their whole premise.

There are different manufacturing brands that deal with manual and automatic dampers individually. You may need to do some research before choosing them. Most brands have theirwebsiteswhere they place their customer reviews and client feedback. You may take a look at those to compare between the brands.  Also, check with your technician the type of damper that will be suitable for your property. You may also take support from blackhawksupply.com

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