April 14, 2024

Our Expert Guide on Top Painting Mistake to Avoid

Painting is an inexpensive way to give new as well as fresh look to your space. The fresh coat of paint can do wonder to your house inside and outside. Doing the painting job on your own might seem exciting, but it can be time-consuming. Moreover, there are chances that you might not achieve the desired results.

Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring a professional painter and decorator is the best way to ensure a top-quality painting job. There are certain things that only professionals know. In case you wish to paint your house yourself, it is advised to go through the typical painting mistakes so that you can paint your space like a pro.

Not Considering the Paint Samples

It is easy to find the paint of your choice. Buying the paint immediately is the mistake that most of the people make. Many factors influence the choice of shade, especially lighting. The shade you fell in love within a bright light room might not look good when painted in a room having natural light or less light. Experts suggest to find the samples and applying them on the wall of the room in which to wish to paint. This would help you know which shade would fit well in your space.

Skipping Primer

Primer is essential while going from a dark colour to a lighter colour. Many people skip the primer that results in colour bleeding. Using a primer can help to prevent the bleeding problem as well as provide a sound surface to paint to adhere to. Moreover, the primer improves the look of the fresh shade.

Painting in Low Light

This is a very common mistake. Painting and decorating the space ins low or dim light might seem fine, however when you introduce bright light, the missing spots, stroke marks and other mistakes are visible. When you start the painting job, ensure it is lit well with the natural light. You can also plan to work in the morning as you can get the natural light and check for mistakes as well.

Disregarding Weather

Paints do not handle extreme temperatures. Painting in freezing temperatures would prevent the paint from drying evenly and result in peeling and cracking. The extreme heat would dry the paint quickly or make paint bubble. Before you start the painting project, ensure you consider the weather.

Using Wrong Brush

For a perfect painting job, it is essential to use the right painting tools. Many people fail to understand the importance of using the right brush. Using a natural-bristle brush to apply water-based latex paint would make the paint impossible to spread on. Whereas using a quality brush would help you achieve a smooth and professional finish.

Not Preparing Walls

To have a smooth painting and decorating job, preparation is essential. Removing the delicate items, covering floors and furniture would help you prevent the paint stains and protect special belonging from ruining. Ensure you wrap the doorknobs and tape the switch covers. Do not forget to prepare the wall before applying new coats of paint. Applying paint without removing the peeling and flaking paint would not provide the best coverage.