May 30, 2024

Responsibilities Of Tree Arborists In Monitoring Of The Trees

Everyone loves nature. The trees are beautiful ornaments of nature. One must do proper treatment, cleaning, and spraying herbicides in the close areas of plants and trees. Health care for plants is necessary. Symptoms of bad conditions of trees are dead branches, discolored leaves, damage, and many more. There are many complex problems that a person can’t treat. Hence, there is a requirement for tree arborist. For maintenance, safety, vitality, and health of trees, one must organize periodic treatments.

Health care for plants and trees involves the treatment, management, and routine monitoring. Arborists are professionals that take good care of trees. Proper maintenance of trees aids in many sustainable benefits. Instead of thinking of the trees as liabilities, an individual should take good care of trees and the environment. 

Health complications of trees

Many complications can occur in woody plants and trees. It can get complicated to diagnose diseases in trees. Common problems accruing on trees are-

Water shortages

In areas that are prone to drought, the trees may suffer the following issues

  • Leaf Scotch
  • Wilting leaves
  • Stem dieback


Many pests damage the trees. The Pests can occur on a tree, depending on its region and type. Some common Pests are-

  • Gypsy moth
  • Japanese beetle
  • Bark beetles
  • Long-horned beetle

Poor planting

Many health complications can occur due to improper planting of trees. Some people plant the root flair to deep inside the soil. This mistake slowly and gradually affects the tree and kills it.

Services provided by a tree arborist

The arborist is professional persons whose main objective is to assess and treat issues on trees. The services provided by the tree arborist are-

  • Assessment- Assessing the current health conditions and hazards on the tree structure. They aim to evaluate the potential causes of disease and other treatment options.
  • Protection- Many arborists offer protection services for the trees. They use an architectural method to protect trees in the construction tasks. One can hire an arborist for the ultimate protection of trees.
  • Plantation– The arborist recommends several planting options for the trees. They check the specified location and thereby suggest planting measures.
  • Removal- It is the last option that a tree arborist uses. They suggest the removal of the plant only if the condition of the tree is extremely-poor. Moreover, removal of the tree gets done due to safety reasons as well.

Contacting arborist

One must contact them if they find any major health issues of trees. The arborists takes good care of Woody plants and trees. They are classified into two types: Consulting arborist and certified arborist.

Consulting arborists helps in examining the root problem and suggesting required treatment options. Certified arborists perform a variety of services. They offer planting services transplanting fertilizing, pruning, pest control, and removal of a damaged tree.

Not everyone who treats the issues on trees becomes an arborist. Proper training and qualification in the field of planting and their maintenance are necessary.