July 25, 2024

Should You Repair or Replace your Microwave in Vaughan?


A microwave is a fantastic appliance that is a favourite in many people’s kitchens for obvious reasons. But like all other appliances, it can malfunction from time to time. There are so many things that lead to this including using metal utensils, a misaligned food tray, and build-up of food spatters.

 If you’ve had yours malfunction, you know the confusion about whether to replace or repair it. Most of us prefer to throw it all together and buy a new one, especially if they bought it on the cheap. But is this really the right move? You’ll be glad to know that some microwaves can be easily and affordably repaired. 

Here, we have a guide to help you know if you should replace or do a microwave repair in Vaughan

Common Microwave Problems

Before we help you make a decision about fixing your microwave, let’s take a look at some of the common microwave problems.

  • The oven just won’t work perhaps because of a faulty door switch or a blown fuse.
  • The turntable fails to rotate because of a defective motor or a worn-out turntable drive
  • Sparks inside the microwave due to electrical issues
  • The oven doesn’t warm your food as a result of a defective capacitor, magnetron, or diode
  • The oven produces unusually strange noises
  • The touchpad works intermittently or doesn’t work at all

When to Replace

We’ve come a long time from the time when microwaves cost an arm and a leg. Now, you can get a good one for as little as $100. This means that if your microwave seems too far gone, you can easily count your losses and get another one. As a general rule of thumb, consider replacing your appliance if it is 10 years or older and if it gives off loud noises while cooking, takes longer than usual to warm your food, or produces a loud buzzing when you press that start. Even if yours has other issues that could be fixed through a microwave repair in Vaughan, think about the cost of a service call. On average, you need about $50 or less to repair a touchpad and much as a hundred bucks to replace a magnetron. 

When to Repair

There are a number of instances where a microwave repair in Vaughan pays off more than a replacement. If you bought your oven for a pretty penny, you should definitely explore any possibility of repairing it. This is especially true if yours has high-end features such as a dual-fan convection system which has a high price tag. In addition, you know your microwave needs a repair if it has door switch problems, doesn’t light up when you open the door, and has a faulty touchpad. Additionally, if yours suddenly stops midway when cooking, it could mean its fuse is broken and that’s an easy-to-fix issue. In this case, call your Vaughan microwave repair professional to have a look at it.

Clearly, you are better placed to answer the question of whether to replace or repair your microwave in Vaughan. Check your oven and determine the right move according to the tips given here.