May 30, 2024

How To Install Solar Panels Yourself 

You must have seen houses with shiny roof panels. It would seem that the place is prominent, but still, its choice has its own rules. For maximum productivity, the batteries are installed in the most lit area in the entire yard. And this is not necessarily a roof.

So you have considered the following if you want to do it yourself;

  • All work is carried out in warm and dry weather. The roof or another surface on which the installation will be carried out must be cleaned of debris, levelled (for installation on the site), degreased and, in some cases, treated with a primer.
  • When installing them, the correct azimuth and tilt angle are incredibly important. For the northern hemisphere, the ideal azimuth is 180 ° south. The optimal angle of inclination for Kyiv is 35-55 °. This is an excellent option for summer, but in winter, for maximum efficiency, the recommended slope is 45-55 °. By the way, there are panels on the market with the ability to change the angle of inclination.
  • An important nuance is that you need to expose the panels relative to the surface of the earth, not the roof.
  • Connecting wires, jumpers, fasteners, longitudinal connectors, aluminium profiles, brackets and individual supports for installation on the ground can be purchased separately, depending on your preferences, goals, and budget.
  • It is worth starting the residential solar panel installation pewaukee wi from a detailed study of the layouts that you need to develop yourself.
  • Create the layout for the support posts. They should be parallel to each other at a distance of 1-1.2 m.
  • Then drill holes and fill them with stable oil or another similar grease. Insert and drive into the holes of the anchor or dowel (6×65). Anchors are mounted on the roof support rails. Concrete roofing is much easier to install than metal.
  • Heated roofing material is laid out on the brackets, which should protrude at least 5 cm beyond the edges of the panels. The roofing material provides stability, strength, and flexibility. Let it cool slightly.
  • Solar panels are mounted on profiles using a clamp to hold the structure. The clamp is mounted on the pattern with two self-tapping screws for the roof at a distance of 20 mm from each other.