May 30, 2024

The Complications and Water Damage and What You Should Do Then

The housing company may also commission a moisture survey of all of the company’s washrooms and wet rooms. This provides up-to-date information on the condition of the wet rooms in the apartment at the same time providing a basis for planning future wet room repairs.

Water damage happened who will repair and replace?

However, should a water damage occur, you should immediately notify your property maintenance company. When mapping and remediation is achieved immediately, major remedial measures may at best be avoided.

As a rule, the owner of a dwelling company is responsible for the repair of the dwelling surfaces and the costs it causes. In the event of any injury or damage caused intentionally or through negligence, the shareholder shall be liable.

The shareholder shall also be liable for water damage in los angeles caused by breakage of equipment under his responsibility, such as a dishwasher. The housing company is obliged to start the repair work immediately, but the cost of the repair will be borne by the shareholder or his insurance company. For example, if a leaking dishwasher connection has caused water damage, the shareholder is responsible for what happened. However, damages are always case-by-case and therefore water damage repairs in the housing company and the respective liability claims are handled case by case.

This prevents water damage to your home

Use the equipment according to the instructions

By following the instructions for use of your household appliances, you minimize the risk of water damage. For example, the dishwasher should only use detergents for the dishwasher, not foaming hand cleaner. Use the dishwasher and washing machine only at home, and be sure to turn off the water tap after the program is over.

Perform a regular visual check

The washing machine drain hose, the water connections of the household appliances and the condition of the seals should be regularly checked. Moisture damage can occur over a long period of time when, for example, a small leak point in the sink cabinet is not immediately detected.

Clean odor traps and floor drains

The bathroom and kitchen sinks and floor drains should be cleaned regularly. According to the Real Estate Association’s Responsibility Chart, the Housing Company has the responsibility for cleaning the water trap, but the occupant must ensure that the sink is not clogged and that any maintenance is reported to the service company.

Report leaks immediately

If the kitchen faucet leaks or water leaks out of the pool cabinet piping, notify your property immediately. If water is found where it should not be, contact your service company immediately. When the cause of the damage is detected in good time, it is possible to prevent a more serious leakage problem.