July 21, 2024

Small kitchen ideas that make a tiny space look bigger

We all dream of bigger roomy space with sky-high ceilings that let plenty of natural light penetrating through the windows. But in real, we deal with small or oddly shaped kitchens.

Have you ever felt like claustrophobic while cooking in the kitchen? Just because you’ve a tiny space does not really mean you’ve to de-prioritise the furnishings to make it functional.

The modular kitchens don’t need heavy space; for the matter of fact, with the best stylish design ideas and accurate small space solutions, you can make your kitchen very functional in the given size. Even though your kitchen doesn’t come with endless storage space, spacious countertops, and extra-large fridge, you can take full advantage of the tiny space with brilliant ideas, without sacrificing style.

The right do-it-yourself (DIY) tricks and clever interior design solutions will help you to maximize your kitchen into the larger cooking room of your imagination. The below decorative solutions for small spaced kitchen are excellent.

Invest in sliding doors and storage bins

Fit in sliding cabinet doors to store bulky pantry items and kitchen appliances behind them. Also get storage bins in some empty shelves to stock stuffs that you hardly use.

Embrace a rolling kitchen cart

A stainless steel modular layout on wheels is ideal for tiny space; you can shift the cart out of the block when it isn’t in use. Bonus tip: a floating shelf under hood is the perfect room to hide pantry staples and kitchen supplies.

Purchase decorative lighting

Do you think anybody going to even notice how small or tiny your kitchen is when you have installed some amazing piece of decorative lighting? Go for some olive green and mixed metal shaded lighting to get a trendy look.

Go minimal

How many pairs of bowls do you have? More than 10 or 20 stocks! Do you really need those extra bowls? Cut down your clutter and stuffs to the bare minimum to feel bigger. Wooden open shelving and gray subway tile help the minimalist vibe.

Store things in a systematic manner

If you have space between your ceilings and cabinets, you have got sufficient storage. Fix wicker baskets and store stuffs on top of cabinets to embolden the whole area.  Make use of the wall space by piling more layers of open shelf that creates a beautiful mess in the tiniest space.

Keep it classic

Are you a fan of subway tiling? Get the similar look to your kitchen to make the space wider. Get a bright, natural palette for a classic appeal.

These tricks are sure to make the most of your cabinetry and counter space. Also known as the ‘heart of the house’, the kitchen requires to be completely stunning to make you want to cook in there.  One of the leading firms in the market, Livspace offers a platform wherein you can browse through hundreds of modular kitchen units. Be it for small, average, or large spaces, these designs help you to get your desired modular kitchen.