July 25, 2024

The Most Common Gas Repair Services

Besides, water, gas is one of the essential elements among Australian households. They use gas to power their clothes dryer, fireplace, furnace, gas grills, gas range, and oven. Gas has given them the convenience to bathe, cook, drink, and relax in their homes. Gas-run appliances are also subject to accidental damage or regular wear-and-tear. So, there may be times that you’ll need to call somebody to fix the issue. Below are the most common services of gas repair Sydney.


The months of June to August are Australia’s winter season. During this time, most Australian households use a fireplace to keep them warm inside. But they also can go wrong. Here are 6 common fireplace issues that may need gas repair services.

  • Burner trouble that indicates either a dirty pilot light, low voltage supply, or faulty thermocouple.
  • No ignition which can be due to a faulty breaker box or valve.
  • Odd sounds from the fireplace arise due to broken blowers or dirty burners.
  • Pilot light failure arising from a damaged thermopile or vent cap.
  • Strange odours coming from the fireplace. This issue should be handled sensitively. There’s a need to shut down your gas supply for safety.


As the cool fall and freezing winter arrives, most gas furnaces tend to be in trouble. It’s because of their frequent usage and getting over their heating capacity. The most common troubles among gas furnaces are:

  • Cracked heat exchanger due to being overused, the normal wear-and-tear, or too much dirt.
  • Frayed or slipped blower belts that are old, overstressed, or torn.
  • Frequent cycling of the furnace may be caused by a bad thermostat or clogged filters.
  • Ignition or pilot control problems may be rooted in dirty filters, broken pilot lights, or broken thermostats.
  • Loud sounds may signal mechanical problems in the gas furnace. Commonly, it’s caused by a worn-out ball bearing. In this instance, you will need to turn off the furnace and call gas repair services immediately.

Gas Grill

Your gas grill can act differently over time. Issues may arise giving you the inconvenience of enjoying a family weekend.

  • Low flame and temperature can be due to a sticky fuel line regulator. When they are sticky, they limit the flow of gas on your grills.
  • Uneven heating or hot spots in your gas grill may be caused by a blocked burner. They become clogged as they accumulate dirt.
  • Too much smoke signals a dirty and greasy gas grill. General cleaning is advised to solve the issue.

Most of the time you can DIY the solution to the three gas grill issues. But it’s still recommended for you to call gas repair services to prolong your gas grills’ longevity and promote safety.

Gas Range and Oven

Your gas range and oven are the most used kitchen appliances. Every day, you’ll need to satisfy your hunger and feed your family with healthy food. But they’ll also need fixing as you used them regularly.

  • In case the oven burner doesn’t light, it may be a problem with the pilot light, thermostat, or wire.
  • A smelly gas odour may be due to a broken burner or poor ventilation. In case the gas range and oven are both off but you still smell gas, there’s a need to call gas repair services to handle resolving the issue for you.
  • Sometimes, the burner will not light. It may be either the burners are clogged or there’s a problem with the pilot light.
  • Weak burner flames are often caused by a low gas supply. But if you’re sure that your gas is still enough, it may be due to a clogged air shutter. As such, you’ll need to call gas repair services to resolve the issue. This matter needs to be handled by experts for safety purposes.