June 14, 2024

What are the best mops for laminate floors?

There are several benefits linked with laminate flooring that make it a popular option. You can easily install laminate flooring and it is durable and not expensive. Laminate flooring comprises layers of wood and fiber and then it is sealed with a coating. The coating offers the flooring an attractive shine. If you use a normal cleaner on the laminated floor, you may damage its protective seal. A cleaning solution containing soap or ammonia may leave marks on the floor’s surface and this may lose its shine. One effective method to clean a floor is sweeping and then mopping it.

You may use a plastic broom or a bristle to sweep the dirt and loose debris from the floor’s surface. While you sweep the floor, ensure you move the broom gently to avoid floor scratching from big sized dust particles that may have very sharp edges. You can use a vacuum cleaner rather than a broom. After you have vacuum or swept the floor, you should dry mop so that you can get rid of dust and dirt from laminated floors. A dry mop has an attached disposable pad. This dry mop may collect the dust particles that cling to the floor. When you use the best mops for laminate floors, it removes grime and dirt efficiently and quickly.

Use proper cleaning products

The laminate floors are not sealed at the seams. When you use moist mops or wash with water, water can enter the floor and damage it. You should use the proper laminate cleaning products advised by flooring manufacturers. You will find different products including cleaners, deep cleaners, and restoration products that are manufactured for laminated flooring. You can periodically use a regular cleaner after sweeping and use a vacuum to mop a floor that will remove the footmarks, grime, and dirt. You can make it shine via a microfiber mop. It shall not leave behind streaks or residue. You may use a deep cleaner in case your floor has become dirty and stained. The instructions to use laminated cleaning products are offered along with them.


When a laminated floor becomes old, it leaves scratch, scuff, and wear marks. You can restore it for providing moisture protection and increasing its shine. You can use the best mops for laminate floors to remove the residue, dirt, oil, grime, etc. This way, your floor will become perfectly cleaned and you may give a restoration coating. A restoration coating shall fill scratches and scuff and hide them. It shall protect joints and seams from water damage.

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