April 14, 2024

What Is the Difference between Dressers and Chest of Drawers?

Many times, people confuse a dresser with a chest of drawers. If you aren’t one of them and think of the mirror to be the only difference, then you’re wrong.There are other factors too that separate the one from the other. Both these furniture pieces have been in use since the 17th century. Earlier, Americans called the chest of drawers as tallboy and highboy, whereas they called the dresser as a lowboy.

The mere difference is that a lowboy or dresser is shorter and a little wider with a set of 6 drawers. A tallboy features a set of drawers in a single column and is narrow. Some of the dressers also come with a mirror mounted at the top of it.

Now that we know the basic difference let’s talk aboutthe difference in the structure. Although dressers are small, the drawers are quite big and spacious. These are mainly used for fashionaccessories and makeup storage.Chest of drawers are mostly used to store clothes, and they have a tabletop where you can place your TV units. In spite of these differences, the confusion might still exist due to new designs.

With the increasing trend in the decor world, a lot of brands are coming up with fusion products featuring a new style. And if you’re planning to buy one, here are some of the chest of drawers onlinethat you might love:

Stark Chest of Drawers:

This design is simple yet elegant and would blend well with any contemporary decor. The walnut finish gives it a rich look. Stark wooden chest of drawers is a fusion design with 5 wide drawers stacked upon each other. The first row of drawers is split into two, changing the common design. It has enough space to accommodate your clothes, lingerie, accessories, and footwear.

Indigo Chest of Drawers:

The size of this chest makes it a bit different from the traditional design. It features 3 drawers with the first one lined with felt inside for storing accessories. The furniture is constructed from seasoned and treated acacia solid wood. What gives this chest of drawers its style element is the look of the top-most drawer. The outer section of the top drawer features handmade blue pottery tiles with floral patterns. Although it is not tall enough, it is sufficient to hold all your basic clothing essentials.

Tuskar Chest of Drawers:

Tuskar features a design similar to Stark. But, the style is more suitable for traditional decor, as it has animal patterns. Instead of a knob, it has antique pull ring knobs. The design is a fusion of 2 fully wide drawers stacked upon each other. The third and the top-most drawer is split into two smaller ones.

Provencale Chest of Drawers:

Indeed a piece of luxury, this chest of drawers features a plush white ivory finish with a hand-painted patina finish on the edges. Provencale chest is passionately hand-crafted with beautiful, intricate details. The design is quite similar to Stark and Tuskar. But, what makes it stand out is its overall look. It is ideal for mid-century or transitional decor and has fancy pull knobs. Thanks to the spacious drawers, you can now store all your clothing essentials efficiently.

Flint Chest of Drawers:

Flint chest of drawers is a cutesy and tall stack of 4 drawers. It has pull ring knobs and comes in a honey finish. It is cylindrical and has curvy drawers. Since it is narrow, it is not very spacious like the others. But it is ideal if you’re looking for a storage option that can accommodate your basic things like socks, handkerchiefs, accessories, makeup, and so on. You can bedeck its top with a beautiful flower vase or lamp. It is more suitable as a bedside table.

Edwina Chest of Drawers:

Ergonomically designed, this piece is ahead of its time. The puzzle-like structure gives it a futuristic look with 4 drawers that open up with an L / inverted L-shaped front panels. When these drawers are closed, it forms a structure that resembles tetrominoes or tetrad blocks from the popular Tetris game. It comes withwhite color that would complement the modern or western decor. It can also be an ideal kids’ chest of drawers that will suit their room’s space or alien theme.

Final Take Away!

We hope this article has helped you clear off the basic doubt of dressers and chest of drawers. It’s now up to you to choose the desired product based on your requirements. You can also customize your fusion chest of drawers design by adding a mirror to it, and there you go with a personalized chest of drawers that resembles a dresser.