April 14, 2024

The best methods for isolating surfaces

A person’s home is the home of his only comfort and refuge. After a long day at work or after arduous tasks and several jobs that ultimately return to your home to feel safe and comfortable so that the first thing you need to do is to prepare the house and prepare it well for this task; the house is like any other inanimate worn out with time Due to the surrounding erosion factors such as high temperature, falling rain and even humidity! Most exposed to this is the external surfaces that protect your home from these dangers.


Which means that the safety and security precautions for your home are among the necessities and the foundations that must be done to ensure peace of mind in the long run and to ensure a house with a long life span without being lost and causing problems that we need not.


What problems might come as a result of negligence in maintaining your home?


Rain water, humidity, and high temperature may damage building foundations and damage to walls, walls, and surfaces in the event that you do not take care about these risks; for example, you should isolate surfaces that are exposed to a high temperature constantly, such as the ceilings of your home and its walls and all that It is prone to friction, heat, moisture, or all other stripping agents.



What is the importance of thermal insulation for the roof within the safety and security precautions for your home?


Thermal insulation of the roof keeps the temperature of your home balanced. It is not affected by high temperatures during the day or the burning sun and vice versa. Rain also and torrents. Therefore, the presence of thermal insulation ensures a house with an acceptable temperature which saves you in your use of electrical appliances and thus contributes to rationalizing your expenses and with Experience You will find that you saved more than 60 percent of your electricity bill in case you owned a house without thermal insulation for the roofs.



What are the types of insulation and how can I choose the appropriate type of insulation?


There is a waterproof and thermal insulation of the surfaces, and there is also a method of isolating the surfaces with foam, where the insulation methods differ according to the purpose for which the insulation is applied, as the materials used in the insulation differ with the different insulated foundation in order to ensure results with high efficiency; to know the types of insulation here are the following:


Water insulation:


It is water-resistant insulation that results from rain and moisture and leads to water leakage in one form or another, which destroys the foundations and makes cracks in the walls and surfaces, which causes many disasters; insulation against water has materials or raw materials that have the ability to resist water and Isolate it completely from the foundations of the building and its ability to withstand for long periods while keeping the building safe and licensing it from the Ministry of Industry and Health that it does not have any damages in the future.


thermal insulation :


Insulation against the high temperatures of ceilings and walls to prevent damage or deterioration as a result of intense heat on high temperature days. Several insulation materials can be used in thermal insulation such as the way to cement surfaces with foam or glass fibers and other materials guaranteed and safe by one hundred percent.



Surface insulation results


The importance of surface insulation technology stems from the following positive benefits and results:


         Prevent deformation of the building’s appearance from outside, cracks and cracks in the roof tiles.

        Getting rid of moisture resulting from rain water and leaks that cause many problems such as concrete failure and the growth of germs and insects, the humid environment is an excellent environment to stimulate its growth and reproduction, and as a result it prevents infection with many diseases and exposure to bad odors caused by harmful bacteria and others.

        Providing financial problems and costs resulting from the use of air conditioners due to the high temperature of the house, as heat insulation contributes to the balance of heat exchanged between objects of different temperatures.

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