April 14, 2024

Why are Quartz Countertops So Convenient?

When you are renovating your kitchen space, special attention is needed for the surfacing options. This is because countertops play an important role in kitchens, serving a lot of functions. Any kitchen space would be incomplete without them. So, most homeowners choose quartz as their go-to countertop surface because of the wide benefits it has to offer. 

Let us take a look at its few top benefits: 


Quartz countertops are commonly made up of 90% quartz and this has its own advantages. The surfaces become stain-resistant. As soon as a spill is wiped off, there are lesser chances of the stain to prevail. Natural stones, on the other hand, will absorb these liquids as soon as they spill on the surfaces. Also, non-porous surfaces do not need additional sealing like natural stones, which require it for preserving their longevity. 

Low maintenance 

In addition to being non-porous in nature, these slabs are also very low in maintenance. It is easy to wipe off any spills and won’t require any rigorous scrubbing or chemical application. Certain natural stones may require special cleansers to maintain their look and form but this is not required with quartz. 

Highly durable 

Kitchens are very busy areas and you need to install a countertop which can withstand this amount of pressure. Quartz is very strong and durable and it can last for really long. It won’t get easily damaged. Also, since it is heat resistant, you can use the top to keep hot objects without fearing about cracking the surface. 


This is one of the biggest benefits of quartz countertops. You will find enormous options to choose from and the colors and patterns are quite promising. You can find absolutely any look that mimics marbles, granites or even concrete. These slabs can also be made to order and can be customized based on your specific kitchen requirements. 

Reduced imperfections 

If you closely look at a slab of granite or marble, you will find minute imperfections on the surface or beneath it. This happens because these stones are naturally occurring. But this is not the case with the quartz countertops. They are made with precision and under immense pressure, which reduces the occurrence of such imperfections. 

The quartz countertops from the house of comptoir quartz Casa Granite are exquisitely designed, and are stylish and durable at the same time. You can pick something that aligns well with your kitchen decor.